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From stewartb

On the issue of ‘excess deaths’ statistics: given the ‘morass’ of Covid-19 mortality data and the scope it provides for confusion and obfuscation, ‘excess deaths’ are likely to be the most reliable single indicator of the overall public health impact of this pandemic.

However, excess (all causes) deaths data for the nations of the UK and the comparable data in Europe – all of which are readily available – seem to have been largely airbrushed out of UK corporate media and BBC coverage.

The prime source of these data is EuroMOMO and in particular its standardised ‘z-scores’.


The graphs of z-scores (found towards the end of the information at the above link) reveals England as a marked outlier in terms of its extremely high excess deaths in recent weeks.

In case anyone doubts the credentials of the EuroMOMO data source and its z-score algorithm, this is a source that Public Heath England routinely relies upon as part of its surveillance function.


Finally, let’s try a ‘thought experiment’: imagine that in the EuroMOMO graphs for England and Scotland we switch the names round. It is Scotland’s z-score that is the extreme outlier not only in the UK but also in Europe. Now what would you expect the nature of the corporate media and BBC coverage to be like?