Former Brexit candidate, Dr Stuart Waiton in the Herald today:

WHEN the police in Scotland are asking for clarification about the arrest policy for those daring to go to a drive-through Costa coffee, you know you’re in trouble. The Stay at Home slogan has become a mantra, a script repeated hundreds of times a day, by the Scottish Government and their experts, but also by every second advert on TV. My local radio station even has its own Stay at Home jingle, just in case we’d forgotten.

As with the Labour and Tory politicians who write undercover for the Herald and Scotsman, Waiton’s Brexit and ‘far right’ credentials are not too apparent. His profile, too, is less than informative:

For more, including his far-right credentials, see:

I don’t disagree with everything Waiton writes, only his conclusions. I share his fondness for the concept of a moral panic to explain and to criticise the pronouncements and actions of politicians and other moral guardians such as, say, chief nursing officers or directors of education or cardinals.

The widespread anxiety about mods and rockers in the sixties or heavy metal and punk lyrics in the seventies or horror movies and violent computer games in the eighties or fashion magazines and Ecstasy in the nineties, is now clearly revealed to have been hysterical.

But, as with the French post-modernists who delighted in revealing the cultural, metaphorical, even imaginary aspects of the Holocaust, he goes too far in his thinking about the coronavirus outbreak, as he did in his campaigning against the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.

Too much was real, brutal and bloody about the Holocaust for an academic ‘clever’ debate to be in any way useful. Auschwitz was not a metaphor.

Less dramatically so, the OBFA was not a panic but a justifiable, measured reaction to an all-too-real phenomenon, now demonstrably worse for the act being repealed by a gleeful opposition, desperate to score a point, any point, against the Government.

Finally, the ‘Stay at home’ alleged mantra, is so much more than that. It is clear, practical advice on what to do to reduce the spread of a very real virus which really will kill you. I know that some behaviour is an over-reaction and that some people are hysterical with fear but the ‘Stay at home’ message has been an effective practical tool to suppress real biological infection.