You have to read some way in to find that the accusation below comes only from Ian Murray, Tory MP for Morningside.

Here’s what the FM had to say:

Why would we have been trying to cover anything up? We were reporting figures on this. I stood up here every single day to be open and transparent with you, the public, as possible. There is no interest in covering these things up, so that is nonsense. And actually, I don’t know where that accusation comes from, but it sounds like highly politicised nonsense as well. To say that cases were associated with a particular event, you do run the risk of identifying people. That is not something that is simply disregarded. But it is not the case that public health was not given the priority it should have had. If we don’t publish it is because we are not confident about that information.

Now, think about all the actual cover-ups by the Johnson regime on PPE, testing and lock-down. Now find me a MSM headline accusing them?