Herald’s Neil Mackay tipped as new Darth Vader after star performance with his dark materials

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After a mysterious injury to favourite Adam Driver, Mackay has emerged as a possible replacement for the Vader role due to an uncanny similarity in appearance and the inherent scariness of a good Ulster accent

I know, I’ve mixed a bit of George Lucas in with a dash of Philip Pulman there but, hey, so what?

In the Clickbait Herald today ‘British Irish Investigative Journalist’, Neil Mackay:

It’s repellent to behold. Power and ambition seem more important than keeping the party of government united at a time of national crisis. Labour and the Tories are doing less to undermine the FM than some on her own side.

What is Mackay thinking when he writes this kind of thing? He knows it’s not even remotely true. All he has is a handful of senior, or once senior, SNP politicians asking for investigations into the treatment of the former First Minister and a more open debate within the party. It’s not exactly a call for the leader’s head and, beyond that small group, the wider party – 125 000 members, 47 MPs, 61 MSPs and over 400 councillors – seem pretty calm.

As for wider opinion, the polls repeatedly show the party and the First Minister stronger than ever.

Maybe Mackay knows exactly what he is doing, needs the money, doesn’t believe a word of what he writes and drinks to forget? In some ways that would be the better explanation.

Otherwise, saturated in his early years with passionate, unthinking Unionism, and now safe within Scotland’s MSM, like David Clegg but not like Lesley Riddoch, he believes it all.

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