This is just a lie from the Herald’s Westminster Correspondent

In the Herald today from their Westminster Correspondent:

Thousands of frontline health and social care workers have complained since the start of the pandemic that they have been unable to access enough personal protective equipment like masks, gowns and visors, despite Government assurances that supplies have been ordered.

This has not happened, not in NHS Scotland, certainly. Apart from attempts by one of Anas Sarwar’s in-laws and one Facebook group, to suggest widespread problems with PPE in Scotland, there is no evidence at all for the above claim.

Does she mean the care home workers whose employers, US and Cayman Islands corporations, did not order PPE supplies? Does she think the Scottish Government should be subsidising these corporations?

Is Rodger well-placed to be making these claims? Is she based, physically, in Westminster or is she just virtual? Either way, has she been reading about PPE shortages in England and then got confused?

And @HRwritesnews? Readers may wish to suggest a new twitter handle.

4 thoughts on “This is just a lie from the Herald’s Westminster Correspondent”

  1. Westminster is a long, long way from Scotland, and getting more distant by the day.
    Brit Nat scribblings from the banks of the Thames may seem a “good thing” for the Herald Editor, but someone needs to tap him/her on the shoulder and point out their sales figures for their dying newspaper.
    Thee is a limit to the interest Scots now show in Borisabilia, and that limit has been passed a while ago. It seems our southron neighbours, and our media, are more susceptible to Boris bullshit, than we are.

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  2. Deliberately false or just stupidly false it makes no difference. The English/British nationalist Herald, like all English/British nationalist media, continues to do down Scotland at every opportunity. Hell mend them.


    1. May i quote a certain individual who’s words were
      Their is a place reserved in hell for them
      When commenting on the arch brexiteers
      Aptly applies to those arch unionists in the MSM
      Ask yourself
      What type of people are these that willingly and deliberately undermine their fellow citizens
      The only known cure is a vote YES
      then their hell shall be stacking shelves on permanent night shift in ASDA on min.wage
      Whereby they shall have ample time to regret their utter stupitdy for the miserable remaining days of their forsaken existence
      Contempt shall be their ill gotten gain
      Never ever is their a place in a modern progressive equitable society for any of them or their ilk


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