Another Pennington? Research into Indian vaccine delivery infrastructure presented as another scare for Scotland

In a flurry of worry today, Hannah Rodger presents Prof Greening to tell us that our infrastructure is not ready for mass vaccine delivery:

Behind the paywall again, contrary to current practice on covid-related news, it opens with:

PREPARATIONS to give out millions of coronavirus vaccines must start now or Scotland risks compounding the economic damage caused by the pandemic, a leading expert has warned. Professor Phil Greening of Heriot-Watt University said the country is currently nowhere near prepared enough to handle the logistical nightmare of vaccinating millions of people in a very short space of time.

Leaving aside the limited chance of actually having a vaccine to deliver for some time, I see little sign that the prof has researched the Scottish context. He does seem to be part of the Heriot-Watt team: ‘launching a major new research project in India that will help to engineer an efficient and sustainable delivery mechanism to get an eventual COVID-19 vaccine to billions of people around the globe‘ and concerned about: ‘rapid mass immunisation will probably be required; maintaining a continuous cold chain to rapidly transport and deliver COVID-19 vaccines to all communities, many where electricity supply and cooling infrastructure is often non-existent or unreliable, will be a daunting task.’

Don’t we, in Scotland, have a reliable electricity supply and a cooling infrastructure, even in wee community hospitals and GP surgeries? Has prof Greening got Patna in Ayrshire mixed-up with the one in India?

There’s no mention of the UK, far less Scotland in any of the research projects published with Greening mentioned:

There’s no sign of anything published where his name and Scotland are connected. Some ‘leading expert.’

Unlike Pennington, I can find no political links for Greening. He’s not even Justine’s brother. He was at Cranfield before Heriot-Watt.

7 thoughts on “Another Pennington? Research into Indian vaccine delivery infrastructure presented as another scare for Scotland”

  1. My experience of “mass vaccinations” here in Scotland for the flu virus is that primary care is well geared up for it albeit over a period of weeks rather than days.
    Of course it will be a matter of scaling that up for those who do not normally get the flu jab but should be doable.
    As you say,just more scaremongering,except for readers in England perhaps.

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  2. This is an example of the media ‘data mining’, by looking for research findings and then selecting bits out of context for their own (i.e. media) political purposes. The ‘journalist’ is using the fact that Professor Greening is based at a Scottish University to imply that he is talking about Scotland.

    Professor Greening, whose expertise is in road transport and distribution, is discussing the distribution of billions of vaccines worldwide and does not mention Scotland. In many parts of the world, due to the corruption of local ‘elites’ and imperialist wars
    civic infrastructure is severely deficient. In most of Europe, North America, Australia, parts of Asia, this is NOT an issue, but for Africa, South and Central America, parts of Asia (particularly those parts ravaged by wars due to western demands for oil and narcotics), it is a problem.
    Here in Scotland, most of the population lives in the Central Belt and up the east coat, there are good transport links, excellent water, sewerage, gas, electricity and IT infrastructure, We have a number of outstanding hospitals across the country with around 20 universities, several of whom are of international standing, staffed by a number of world leading experts in immunisation and public health. We have had since the end of WW2 immunisation programmes against diphtheria, polio, whooping cough, TB, measles, mumps, scarlet fever, flu, etc. etc. So there is a system on the ground operating on a daily basis.

    It is almost certain that Scotland, like the rest of the ‘first world’, will get a disproportionate share of any vaccine that is produced, because of our relative wealth. The issue Professor Greening is addressing is how to ensure an equitable distribution of the vaccine on a world scale, so that the poorest groups get a fair share.

    So, shame on Hannah Rodger and her editor for grossly distorting Professor Greening’s humanitarian article for their own baleful narrow, petty political ends. Shame on them!

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    1. Mass vaccination is not just a matter of getting the vaccine from A to B but also having the wherewithal to administer it – syringes and needles. According to the Ch4 news report on the national stockpile of PPE etc the syringes and needles in the stockpile were out of date!

      Given what we have seen of the UK Gov and its preparedness (lack of); distribution skills (lack of) and procurement abilities (lack of); how do you rate the chances of them acquiring sufficient vaccine, syringes and needles and getting them distributed in a timely fashion?


  3. The Nation currently with the largest capacity for manufacture of vaccine is India
    And in the most unlikely event of a vaccine becoming available
    Then I kindly remind the former delusional exceptonalist


  4. The Nation currently with the largest capacity for manufacture of vaccine is India
    And in the most unlikely event of a vaccine becoming available
    Then I kindly remind the former delusional exceptonalist British Colonists oppressors of India in days long past
    Somehow will be told by India to go to the back of the queue and wait
    Buddhists in India will simply reply upon the former Imperial masters protestations
    Sorry old chap such i believe is called KARMA


  5. In the late 60’s there were mass vaccinations in Scotland for diptheria. I remember queues of folk outside our GP surgery.

    So once there is a vaccine it’s not a difficult thing to organise as those who currently get the flu jab get called first then it’ll spread out like a web to encompass all who may need it.

    Greening is a logistics guy. We do have logistics in this country and seem quite capable of having vans etc. whizzing hither and yon so dunno why it’ll be an issue at all unless the newspapers are struggling for news. That can’t be right… Can it! 😀


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