In a flurry of worry today, Hannah Rodger presents Prof Greening to tell us that our infrastructure is not ready for mass vaccine delivery:

Behind the paywall again, contrary to current practice on covid-related news, it opens with:

PREPARATIONS to give out millions of coronavirus vaccines must start now or Scotland risks compounding the economic damage caused by the pandemic, a leading expert has warned. Professor Phil Greening of Heriot-Watt University said the country is currently nowhere near prepared enough to handle the logistical nightmare of vaccinating millions of people in a very short space of time.

Leaving aside the limited chance of actually having a vaccine to deliver for some time, I see little sign that the prof has researched the Scottish context. He does seem to be part of the Heriot-Watt team: ‘launching a major new research project in India that will help to engineer an efficient and sustainable delivery mechanism to get an eventual COVID-19 vaccine to billions of people around the globe‘ and concerned about: ‘rapid mass immunisation will probably be required; maintaining a continuous cold chain to rapidly transport and deliver COVID-19 vaccines to all communities, many where electricity supply and cooling infrastructure is often non-existent or unreliable, will be a daunting task.’

Don’t we, in Scotland, have a reliable electricity supply and a cooling infrastructure, even in wee community hospitals and GP surgeries? Has prof Greening got Patna in Ayrshire mixed-up with the one in India?

There’s no mention of the UK, far less Scotland in any of the research projects published with Greening mentioned:

There’s no sign of anything published where his name and Scotland are connected. Some ‘leading expert.’

Unlike Pennington, I can find no political links for Greening. He’s not even Justine’s brother. He was at Cranfield before Heriot-Watt.