Readers will know that I can’t really tlak about proof ruding. TuSC’s proof reader is, well, kind-of, imaginerry.

So, when the Herald in a hurry offers me ’causeovement’, I can’t help but feel a wee bit empathetic for the online editor [16] and quite like the new word we now have.

Then having clicked, I see with some delight, this:

Great! It’s a ‘Civil War’ again and it’s by David Leaks! Readers may remember this from December 2018:

The shadowy charity accused of running a British state-backed campaign against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed it held a meeting with a leading Scottish journalist during which they were briefed on how “vulnerable” Scots were to Russian influence. The Integrity Initiative (II), a charity funded by the Foreign Office, British Army and MoD which has been described by the Sunday Mail as an ‘infowars’ unit, confirmed to CommonSpace it held a meeting with The Herald chief reporter David Leask.

So, with that in mind, I tried to read on, only to discover the full Leask is behind the Herald’s own ‘Iron Curtain’, the paywall. Pay? Don’t be fffffnnnn silly.

Anyhow the opening sentences reassure:

Something unintentionally funny keeps happening on the politically feverish fringes of Scottish social media. Day after day some of the most passionate online outriders of the independence cause somehow manage to both fete the SNP and accuse some within it of plotting to jail their former leader, Alex Salmond – possibly even as part of some “deep state” conspiracy.

He’s going to do that thing where even if you have evidence that Alex Salmond was not treated fairly, as Craig Murray does, and even if you only think that Salmond’s courageous opposition to the Iraq War, including his attempt to have Blair charged as the war criminal he surely is, might have put him on a list for future retribution if anything about him could be dug up, then you’re paranoid, a conspiracy theorist.

It’s that playground tactic some academics call the label-libel syndrome. They just shout something like ‘conspiracy theorist’ often enough and people start to believe you are one. There is then no need to deal with any irritating evidence. Joseph Goebbels knew that it worked decades ago.