Gordon ‘GB’ Brewer ignores elephant in the care home room – the owner’s responsibility

In a painful interrogation of the Chief Nursing Officer, Brewer seems to think that she is somehow responsible for what actually happens in care homes and doesn’t think once to reflect on the care-home owners’ duties.

As new cases begin to reduce, something he seems unaware of, elderly patients returning to care homes are tested and, crucially, isolated in the care home until the test results are in, two days later. Brewer is obsessed with the idea that they should only be allowed back into the homes after tests results prove they are infection-free. The CNO tells him that there are many other factors involved in the decision to readmit, in the interests of the patient, but he doesn’t get it.

But it’s the complete absence of reference to the care-home owners and their duties that is the most telling evidence of why BBC Scotland is not trusted to inform accurately on covid-19 issues.

Remember last week when he almost accused Jeane Freeman of responsibility for a care home scandal?


Did he not hear the First Minister last week at the briefing say:

‘Care homes have had strict guidance to follow since 13 March and it is incumbent on all care home providers, whether they are in the public or private sector to follow and to implement that guidance’


The Survation poll doesn’t tell us about the trust in particular BBC programmes. I guess the sample for Brewer’s show would be too small to be any use?

8 thoughts on “Gordon ‘GB’ Brewer ignores elephant in the care home room – the owner’s responsibility”

  1. “It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and psychological understanding of the people concerned, that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be moulded until they clothe ideas and disguise.”

    Joseph Goebbels

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  2. There isn’t much in the way of bad news to report on from hospitals and primary care in Scotland,so the media are concentrating their attacks on care homes.
    They either don’t or can’t do the same with England’s Tory government.
    Strange that


  3. The CNO did at the end set out all the SG had done and what it expected care home owners to do. Brewer’s aggressive bullying style meant that this information,of value to all viewers might have been missed. He threw the CNO off balance and tried to keep her there. A different style of interviewing could have had the information obtained more quickly.

    Also, I repeat John’s point. Brewer is a substantial ignoramus if he doesn’t know what actions the SG have taken over Scottish care homes and why. So, if he has this information why isn’t he a good enough interviewer to get this out of an interviewee. Whatever he’s paid, it’s too much.


    1. BBC Charter – first of its five ‘public purpose’ principles:

      1. To provide impartial news and information TO HELP PEOPLE UNDERSTAND and engage with the world around them. The BBC should provide DULY ACCURATE AND IMPARTIAL news, current affairs and factual programming to BUILD PEOPLE’S UNDERSTANDING OF ALL PARTS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM and of the wider world. Its content should be provided to the highest editorial standards. It should offer a range and depth of analysis and content not widely available from other United Kingdom news providers, using the HIGHEST CALIBRE presenters and journalists, and championing freedom of expression, so that all audiences can engage fully with major local, regional, national, United Kingdom and global issues and participate in the democratic process, at all levels, as active and INFORMED CITIZENS.” (with my emphasis!)

      Aye Right!

      Source: https://www.bbc.com/aboutthebbc/governance/mission


      1. From the BBC Royal Charter:

        The Public Purposes of the BBC are as follows.

        6 (4) “help contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom.”

        So even if it wanted to be it’s Royal Charter means it has to be pro UK!


  4. Brewer tries hard to be a Paxman, without the intellectual capacity.
    How he keeps his job is anybody’s guess, but presumably it is sufficient that he is BBC Scotland’s favourite Scottish Government attack dog.
    And of course, he managed to bully the lady sufficiently to obscure the fact that private care homes are not the responsibility of the Scottish Government.
    Job done!


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