In a painful interrogation of the Chief Nursing Officer, Brewer seems to think that she is somehow responsible for what actually happens in care homes and doesn’t think once to reflect on the care-home owners’ duties.

As new cases begin to reduce, something he seems unaware of, elderly patients returning to care homes are tested and, crucially, isolated in the care home until the test results are in, two days later. Brewer is obsessed with the idea that they should only be allowed back into the homes after tests results prove they are infection-free. The CNO tells him that there are many other factors involved in the decision to readmit, in the interests of the patient, but he doesn’t get it.

But it’s the complete absence of reference to the care-home owners and their duties that is the most telling evidence of why BBC Scotland is not trusted to inform accurately on covid-19 issues.

Remember last week when he almost accused Jeane Freeman of responsibility for a care home scandal?

Did he not hear the First Minister last week at the briefing say:

‘Care homes have had strict guidance to follow since 13 March and it is incumbent on all care home providers, whether they are in the public or private sector to follow and to implement that guidance’


The Survation poll doesn’t tell us about the trust in particular BBC programmes. I guess the sample for Brewer’s show would be too small to be any use?