Revealing his true self, this morning, Gordon Brewer said:

Can we start by talking a bit about care homes? Which has become a major sss..issue in Scotland! There are reports today that the military are going to help, at least in England, to create pop-up centres where effectively military units could visit care homes and test people in them. Is that something that you’re going to take-up here?

Did Jeane catch him out with her response that, yes we are, with five and then eight of them?

Brewer then suggested that Scots had been unable to request tests because the UK web portal had crashed. Did he not see this?

Next, he asked her if she was planning to recruit thousands of people in Scotland to help with follow-up contact- tracing. Once more did she catch him out with her confident assertion that yes, she is?

So, then he tried to catch her out with a ‘how many?’ 1 500 she said with no fuss.

The highlight came when, clearly exasperated, he asked about the chaos that might ensue if an office re-opened, a worker tested positive and they all had to self-isolate and shut-down again ‘almost immediately!’

‘So, we’re getting a wee bit ahead of ourselves Gordon. Contract tracing and isolating is not the silver bullet. It is there as part of range of measures of which social distancing remains one of the most critical.’

Treated like a schoolboy, he gave up.