The Editor at Common Weal
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By Brenda Steele:

Am I being a bit of a snowflake [Ed: NO!] or are these folk getting a bit above themselves? 

Government could learn from local community enterprises responding with astonishing speed and efficiency to get help and food where it is needed most – including NHS staff on the frontline.

As I understand it, folk were begging to help and this is one of the suggestions of things they could do.  I suspect that ScotGov has rather more urgent things to do requiring technical knowledge.

And then there was this.

Nicola Sturgeon announced on Thursday that they are starting planning for an end to lockdown, but think tanks and the third sector are way ahead of them.

Two weeks ago Common Weal published a policy paper fully costing a plan for tracing and testing, in an effort to bring and end to lockdown safely and to the benefit of the economy.

Does the author at Common Weal think that ScotGov has been sitting at their desks polishing their nails all this time?    Since the paper was written by Craig Dalzell, I am sure it will be an excellent plan – a well thought out plan, but I very much doubt if Craig thinks that ScotGov should take his plan as is wholesale without consulting others.

And  the second article continues with this.

Neil Clapperton, Chief Executive of Grampian House Association, is already in talks with the NHS to recruit the large number of volunteers that are going to be needed to undertake the contact tracing initiative.

Which confirms my belief that ScotGov is not going to publish an action plan. They are already going ahead with what they think best.