Headline corrected by Forfactssake.com

Yesterday, Andrew Picken wrote:

Scotland’s largest health board has warned there have been shortages of some coronavirus protective equipment. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said the current supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was more stable now but “short supplies of different elements” of equipment were occurring. In a new paper, the health board revealed it had, at times, been forced to buy PPE “at above usual prices”. Global demand for gloves and masks is at unprecedented levels. Nicola Sturgeon has previously said there were “adequate stocks of the main PPE” but acknowledged difficulties with delivering gowns. However, a survey by the Royal College of Nursing suggested half of all nurses working in high-risk environments had been asked to reuse PPE.


Note, the term ‘have been’ and that the situation is now ‘more stable.’ The survey data was gathered more than two weeks earlier so is no longer news. The survey response of 1 465 out of around 50 000 members is 2.9% and was self-selecting.


To conclude, the survey results are no longer relevant and were always a bit unreliable.

This is not the news.