SHOCK: Scottish Tory supports interests of landed gentry

Image: Berwickshire News

In a parliamentary question on Wednesday 29 April, Rachael Hamilton (Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire) (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party) asked the Scottish Government for what reason businesses associated with shootings, deer forests, fishing huts and game larders are ineligible to apply for the small business support grant to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

Kate Forbes replied:

We are determined to help keep companies in business and our financial support now exceeds the £2.3 billion passed on from the UK Government and actively works to fill the gaps in the UK scheme. In designing the relief and grant system we had to balance helping as many businesses as
possible against what was affordable. Where possible these decisions
prioritised traditional businesses occupying small properties over more generic lands and heritages such as huts, sites and bare ground.

Does generic mean big, vast?

Readers may remember Hamilton from this in 2018:

Tory MSP is facing a standards probe over allegations she argued for lower business rates in the Scottish Parliament without declaring she owned a hotel. Rachael Hamilton spoke out in favour of cutting tax for firms during First Minister’s Questions last November. But the exchange with Nicola Sturgeon prompted a complaint to ethics watchdogs. Hamilton owns the ­Buccleuch Arms Hotel in Melrose, in the Borders, with her husband Billy.

From the report in the Daily Record:

Hamilton has previously been criticised for asking ­tourism minister Fiona Hyslop “what action the Government is taking to support hotel ­businesses”. In 2016, the SNP claimed Tories had asked 24 questions relating to their ­personal business interests in just eight months. An SNP source said: “This isn’t the first time Rachael Hamilton has used her position as an elected politician to lobby for lower business taxes – which her own business would just so happen to benefit from.

Does she have shares in shootings? A game larder?

7 thoughts on “SHOCK: Scottish Tory supports interests of landed gentry”

  1. The south of Scotland has the poorest performing economy in Scotland.
    It is served by two Tory MP’s.
    They both have “Big Hoose” syndrome, as does the local press, councils and astonishingly local people, who ride around with Union flags on their horses once a year. These parades were originally scouting missions to ensure raiders/rustlers/horse thieves from England were kept at bay.
    As long as the tiny percentage of people who live in Big Hooses are happy, then all is well in their world.

    Doff yer cap, and lower your eyes, as your betters go by.

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  2. More often than not when a greedy pig sitcks its snout into what they think is the trough of plenty
    Then they forget about the resultant mess that comes out the other end and expect us to clean up their overindulgence
    The Bankers certainly succeeded with this
    In the sub prime crash
    Start neurting them with legislation as soon as we have the power to do so

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  3. I think this is a paradigm example of entitlement. She almost certainly believes that because of who she is, then things are hers by right, but for the rest of us to claim things from the state is being work-shy, wanting-something-for-nothing, dependency culture, etc.

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  4. Hamilton shouldn’t be given a penny, land owners dont need money to stay afloat.
    The money is to keep small businesses from closure, not landowners

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