Coronavirus: Steady as she goes but 2 weeks of falling new cases

Daily fluctuations in the number of new infections tell us little though they are often the stuff of MSM reports, seeking to excite rather than inform. The 7 Day Average trend is positive, falling steadily now for two weeks. The strategy is working.

The number needing to be hospitalised is stable and falling slightly. Our worst fears have not materialised. Those requiring intensive care are fewer every day so NHS Scotland is not just coping it could cope with more. We ‘normals’ feel good about this as we would if we were in the black financially, but Lisa Summers and Glen Campbell see only an opportunity to imply over-spending.

Surely after his experience, the PM would not share their perspective, would withdraw his ‘resilience’ jibe and never talk again of ‘spaffing’ taxpayers’ money up a wall?

These graphs are from the very handy:

7 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Steady as she goes but 2 weeks of falling new cases”

  1. Only journalists who are driven desperate fools attempt to twist and play with statistics and data from 100% verifiable
    By doing so they merely demonstrate
    2.Unemployable not if but when sudden change of politics after a election,and such a day is clearly within sight now in Scotland
    3.All too willing and for scant reward play their masters game only to gain favour
    Alexander the Great after victory sought such defeated opponents only in order to deal with unfinished business from the now redundant battlefield
    However he took great care to ensure those of the defeated who
    Exhibited excellence and dedication to their task
    Such were then given a choice Join with him or Banishment
    A key factor in his military & political success
    If the defeated accepted then magnamanity
    If defiance no mercy
    These BBC Knaves believe they know everything BUT in fact comprehend Nothing
    Away wi Them


  2. Further down in travelling tabby stats I noted the following
    1 Rate of infection for Scotland and England per million were uncannily alike at 2193 &2194
    2. Rate of deaths per million were 287 (Scotland) 452 (England) supporting your oft-stated point that SNHS is coping better

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  3. I haven’t seen English data for fatality rates for a while. Not sure why.
    But today it is there on travellingtabby.
    England 20.6%
    Scotland 13.1%

    It isn’t much to be proud of though. Scotland, of the 12 countries listed, is the second worse so worse than Italy, Spain and Germany (France isn’t listed).
    This is what happens when you think and act like a vassal state. Scottish leadership has to take a lot of responsibility for this. We can’t blame it all on England this time.

    If we had had lockdown sooner wouldn’t that in effect have almost closed the border automatically?

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    1. But on the propaganda angle, the Scotland, Wales and NI figures are shielding England’s shame. The UK figure is 15.5% and you can be damned sure we won’t be hearing about the 20.6% only the 15.5%.

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    2. But we had no power to close the borders
      But could act with regards W.Isles,Orkney &Shetland
      Go and look at the data for their
      But i give the example of Norway
      Deaths/ million
      England 415
      Scotland 275
      Norway 39
      So if you require hospital in England then your chance of dying are + 1040 % than Norway
      And +53% than Scotland
      At that point Ladies & Gents of the Indy ref.2 jury i shall rest my case

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      1. How much is the border open now? Surely it is only for essential traffic. Not closed but close to it. We could have done this when it counted.
        I refuse to protect an incompetent government just because it is Scottish. That would be patriotism of the worst sort, blind.
        We still have a scientific adviser who advocated herd immunity live on TV. There are deaths here, this isn’t party political it is about following WHO advice.

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      2. I agree anandprasad, it’s called populism. I don’t pay much attention normally, but in this case, when people are dying, I can’t stand seeing the blind following – compare Scotland to NZ, for numbers of deaths, orders of magnitude difference, and it makes me want to cry. The devolved government in Scotland is not Scotland, and if people don’t speak out against poor governance, then that is all they are going to get. That is all we are going to get; we all suffer the consequences.


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