Images: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/Press Association Images and BBC Scotland

New Survation poll of 3 000 UK adults between 16th to 23rd April, on trust in institutions, puts the Scottish Government well ahead of the other UK governments but, best of all, at 70%, way ahead of BBC News on 52% and Sky News on 44%.

Here’s the data:

Note, only the NHS in the midst of a pandemic beats the Scottish Government. Has covid-19 denied the SNP Government top spot?

And, had the poll been taken more recently, after another week of covid-19 briefings, with the Scottish media making right big bahookies of themselves, who knows how wide the gap with them might have been.

And, this is not a one-of. A 2017 poll had the Scottish Government much more trusted than the UK Government:

And this is a UK poll so the Scottish respondentsmight trust BBC Scotland even less?