Dr Chung is a media regular with shock headlines like yesterday’s piece for the BBC:

Scotland’s NHS ‘can’t go back to the way it was’

Recently, we’ve seen:

Top Scots doctor reveals patients stuck on trolleys for 24 hours in A&E meltdown

It’s like waiting for a ‘tsunami’ says top emergency doctor …

It’s like waiting for a ‘tsunami’ says top emergency doctor predicting dramatic coronavirus surge in Scotland

SNP attacked over year of missed NHS targets

Yet on the very last lines of the BBC report, yesterday, we see:

‘More A&E patients were also seen within four hours in 2019 than in any other year since 2012’

And in 2017, he accepted nomination as VP of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine with these words:

This year, the College is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the emergency medicine speciality. In that short space of time, emergency care in Scotland has transformed with Scottish accident and emergency waiting times performance outstripping that of the other UK Nations.

Come on, make up your mind!