From stewartb:

There is a powerful and toxic combination of forces at play:

– the partial/misreporting by BBC Scotland of the efforts of NHS Scotland, Scotland’s care homes and the Scottish Government;

– the efforts of the BBC and opposition politicians in Scotland, notably the leader of the Scottish Tories and most especially the shadow secretary of state for Scotland to ‘politicise’ this health emergency;

– the uncritical coverage by the corporate media and the BBC of trade union (e.g. RCN) statements and polls; and

– the profile being afforded by BBC Scotland on the health emergency to a leading Unionist activist with a political agenda to oppose the SNP and its support for Scotland’s self-determination.

And all this in the context of little or no push back by the Scottish Government or the SNP.

Even some pro-indy groupings like Common Weal are all too ready to pile in with the negatives. As an especially regrettable example, from April 14 in Common Weal’s ‘Source’, Mr Robin McAlpine ‘jumped the shark’ writing:

“There has been much questioning about whether we are ready for independence. I’m afraid right at the moment we look sorely unready for devolution.”