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Why is BBC Scotland always first up? From Summers today:

We see that the Louisa Jordan Hospital’s now operational, but the current position is that it is hopefully not going to be required. Is there a danger that you might look back and say that that £43 million could have been spent in a different way? There’s been a lot of talk about testing. We don’t know what level of surveillance is going on in the community. We know that labs are not running at full capacity so could you and could the Scottish Government be spending more to make sure that more testing is done and that would be a longer-term way out of this.


You cannot win with this woman. She will find something negative in anything good. Think of the huge effort to get this emergency resource up and running, the millions of hours of effort, the goodwill, the underlying determination to make sure NHS Scotland can cope and that suffering can be contained. If the Scottish Government had not put this in place, imagine easily her question then, her accusations of failure of neglect.

Is she always first up because you need all your spirits to cope with the awful darkness that  she brings with her?

This is the woman who, uniquely in the Scottish media, accused NHS Tayside’s oncology department of being ‘dysfunctional’ because they used a lower level of radiation dose for breast cancer than others were using and suggested, hopefully you suspect, that they might be causing additional deaths only to be presented with evidence later that the death rate was no different and that horrific side effects had been reduced. No apology ever emerged.