BBC’s Lisa Summers asks if the Louisa Jordan Hospital might be a waste of money!

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Why is BBC Scotland always first up? From Summers today:

We see that the Louisa Jordan Hospital’s now operational, but the current position is that it is hopefully not going to be required. Is there a danger that you might look back and say that that £43 million could have been spent in a different way? There’s been a lot of talk about testing. We don’t know what level of surveillance is going on in the community. We know that labs are not running at full capacity so could you and could the Scottish Government be spending more to make sure that more testing is done and that would be a longer-term way out of this.

You cannot win with this woman. She will find something negative in anything good. Think of the huge effort to get this emergency resource up and running, the millions of hours of effort, the goodwill, the underlying determination to make sure NHS Scotland can cope and that suffering can be contained. If the Scottish Government had not put this in place, imagine easily her question then, her accusations of failure of neglect.

Is she always first up because you need all your spirits to cope with the awful darkness that  she brings with her?

This is the woman who, uniquely in the Scottish media, accused NHS Tayside’s oncology department of being ‘dysfunctional’ because they used a lower level of radiation dose for breast cancer than others were using and suggested, hopefully you suspect, that they might be causing additional deaths only to be presented with evidence later that the death rate was no different and that horrific side effects had been reduced. No apology ever emerged.

10 thoughts on “BBC’s Lisa Summers asks if the Louisa Jordan Hospital might be a waste of money!

  1. The order of asking questions is supposed to be on ‘reach’. I thought NS did a superb job of gritting her teeth while remaining polite 👍

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    1. See my previous comment today about blatant hostility from female reporters in particular. Also attempts throughout to make matters political.

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      1. The attempts by – albeit a minority of – journalists today to politicise matters were blatant and expertly handled, as one has come to expect, by the FM.

        I recall a couple of days ago on the Radio 4 Today programme Sarah Smith making a blatant attempt to politicise matters when interviewing the FM. It was immediately pointed out to Smith in no uncertain terms that the BBC’s attempt to politicise had been recognised and that the FM was not going to take the bait!

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  2. It doesn’t matter who they have from BBC Scotland, they are all negative . Listened to radio 4 today and although I had to suffer Sarah Smith they had some lighter uplifting moments , you will never find that on GMS ! .

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  3. I thought it was interesting on Reporting Scotland tonight when they covered the story about the new facility one of the people they interviewed made it clear in no uncertain terms that all of the equipment was new and hospitals had not been stripped to provide the equipment. She also had similar to say about the staffing of the facility.

    Even more interesting was the lead item on the 6 o’clock BBC news which was a longish and detailed piece from a hospital in Wishaw. All staff from paramedics up to ICU were wearing the correct masks, eye protection etc recommended for their particular role. All the ICU staff had the correct PPE and what is more had put it on correctly.

    Strange that Reporting Scotland did not lead with the same report.

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    1. There is a powerful and toxic combination of forces at play:

      – the partial/misreporting by BBC Scotland of the efforts of NHS Scotland, Scotland’s care homes and the Scottish Government;

      – the efforts of the BBC and opposition politicians in Scotland, notably the leader of the Scottish Tories and most especially the shadow secretary of state for Scotland to ‘politicise’ this health emergency;

      – the uncritical coverage by the corporate media and the BBC of trade union (e.g. RCN) statements and polls; and

      – the profile being afforded by BBC Scotland on the health emergency to a leading Unionist activist with a political agenda to oppose the SNP and its support for Scotland’s self-determination.

      And all this in the context of little or no push back by the Scottish Government or the SNP.

      Even some pro-indy groupings like Common Weal are all too ready to pile in with the negatives. As an especially regrettable example, from April 14 in Common Weal’s ‘Source’, Mr Robin McAlpine ‘jumped the shark’ writing:

      “There has been much questioning about whether we are ready for independence. I’m afraid right at the moment we look sorely unready for devolution.”

      The role and reach of the TUSC is becoming even more crucial.

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      1. McAlpine’s known views aside, the lack of push-back, however regrettable, may yet prove to have been the wiser tactic.
        At the risk of the the few predisposed to swallowing the propaganda, there will be many more for whom realisation of the games being played are increasingly obvious.
        Agreed on the final para, the reach of these critiques and analyses are far greater that may be obvious.

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