There were 307 new cases in the last 24 hours, 354 in the 24 hours below that and 390 before that.

In the same article, the Herald reports:

Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland’s lockdown restrictions have resulted in a slowing down in the rate of community transmission of Covid-19. That slowdown seems to be reflected in the stabilisation of numbers admitted to hospital and intensive care, she said.’

That’s looking like a downward trend. Maybe you want to leave it for 5 days before you’re sure but you’d have to be pretty dumb to think ‘soar’ was a good word to use here.

The number of deaths was also down from 80 to 58, not evidence of any consistent fall but equally not evidence that deaths are likely to soar either and, most encouragingly, reinforcing the evidence that this is under control:

The above graph does not yet have today’s figures added but they will further extend the green line, to eight days in which we have been moving away from the runaway stage. More:

We can look at how fast the deaths are doubling to get an idea of where we are. If they’re still doubling every 3 days or less, then we’re still in the runaway stage of the pandemic, which is bad! They would need to be doubling around every 30 days or more before we could think about getting back to normal.’

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