This is not gloating.

In the Guardian only 45 minutes ago:

NHS bosses have asked doctors and nurses to work without protective full-length gowns when treating Covid-19 patients, as hospitals came within hours of running out of supplies. The guidance is a reversal of Public Health England (PHE) guidelines stipulating that full-length waterproof surgical gowns, designed to stop coronavirus droplets getting into someone’s mouth or nose, should be worn for all high-risk hospital procedures. In a significant U-turn, PHE advised frontline staff to wear a flimsy plastic apron with coveralls when gowns ran out, in a move that doctors and nurses fear may lead to more of them contracting the virus and ultimately putting lives at risk. The PHE announcement on Friday evening came shortly after the planned move was revealed by the Guardian.

People all across the UK need to see what happens when you trust the Conservative and Unionist Party to look after the NHS.

In England, over the last decade, they have under-funded, interfered in pursuit of supposed efficiencies and acted on behalf of the private healthcare corporations they themselves benefit from.

People in England have seen a failed A&E service no longer even trying to hit targets. They’ve seen numerous hospitals fail inspections and horrific scandals with multiple deaths among the newborn and among the elderly. They’ve seen care homes fail on infection control. They saw last winter hundreds of wards closed due to Norovirus outbreaks in hospitals with outsourced cleaning and catering.

None of the above has been allowed to happen in NHS Scotland.

Despite this much of the English media have remained silent, beyond the Guardian, the Independent and sometimes BBC UK.

In Scotland, our predominantly Unionist media have struggled desperately to convert minor incidents into wider crises.

In the last month, we’ve seen just what NHS Scotland can do, even under extreme pressure, keeping coronavirus deaths in our hopsitals to a level only half that in NHS England. To dare to mention this has been condemned as somehow tasteless or gloating by those unavoidably linked to the UK politicians directly responsible for what is happening in England. Their motives are clear.