I was puzzled by Leitch’s quick and forthright comments for Radio Scotland, on the report that PPE is not being provided to Scottish care homes, as ‘rubbish.’

He claimed to have looked into it before declaring it to be ‘rubbish’ yet within hours, the Times had published evidence that it was not so, Jeane Freeman had warned Matt Hancock chasing him into hiding and his boss the First Minister was now taking the claims seriously.

I didn’t know he was a CBE as he doesn’t seem to use the title but it doesn’t sit well with working for a Government run by a party opposed to such awards. Put that with the speed of his response and the choice of language, and alarm bells ring.

This is what often happens when once-radical parties come to power. They attract the kind of people who enjoy power for its own sake [Evans, Calderwood] and who are prepared to forget their former beliefs, in order to get it. Sometimes, however, the fragile nature of their temporary loyalty to their employers is revealed.