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The ‘true’ NRS coronavirus-related death in Scotland rate from coronavirus is just under half that, per capita, of NHS-only rate in England. The emerging ‘truer’ figures for England and Wales, from the ONS, are revealing that the rate may be double the Government statistics there so it may be four times higher than in Scotland.

Remember the Scottish Government has been using the Scottish equivalent to the ONS figures, from the NRS, for a week now to get a truer picture:


Now figures have emerged from the Centre for Cities think-tank. Paul Swinney [No relation?], Director, is the source for this extract from Sky News:

‘The Centre for Cities analysis also looked at the impact the Covid-19 lockdown rules on cities throughout the UK, and this has shown that all the main Scottish cities have seen larger behaviour changes when compared with similar sized counterparts south of the border. Only London has seen a greater reduction in city centre worker activity than Glasgow as a response to the Covid-19 outbreak. “Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh saw drop offs greater than for similar sized cities south of the border,” said Swinney, adding that even at weekends the effect is marked.’

Of course, many factors will be part of this difference in death rates. The quality and cleanliness of our hospitals, the level of staffing and the resources put in place quickly by NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government, and so on, but it seems reasonable to pat ourselves on the back for taking the social distancing rules so seriously.