Unavailable for WHAT?

Looking at the data yesterday, I wondered which ‘health correspondent’ would spot the potential here to try to accuse NHS Scotland of something, regardless of the important facts of its performance, now saving more lives per capita, than any other NHS in the UK with a death rate around 50% of the UK or Welsh averages.

In the Scotsman this morning:

‘Hospitals had record-high levels of unavailable beds due to delayed discharges in the month before the coronavirus outbreak hit, NHS Scotland figures show.’

It’s true but it doesn’t matter unless you are sneaky wee jackal journalist.

Listen to this.

There is no waiting list for admission of coronavirus cases. They’re all straight in.

There are 199 patients in intensive care but NHS Scotland already has 700 intensive care beds.

With an estimated 3,000 hospital beds expected to be available for coronavirus patients in traditional hospitals across Scotland it’s hoped that none of the beds at the temporary hospital would be needed.

The infection rate and the death rate are already beginning to fall.


Why do you think hospitals might have kept more old folk IN rather than dumping them in the community just as evidence of a pandemic spreading became apparent?