The same story in first and second place on the website and, no doubt, headlining the TV and radio broadcasts to come during the day.

As hard, real, evidence of NHS Scotland with the Scottish Government, containing the spread and the death rate, supposed journalists turn to other sources – care homes and protective ‘kit.’

First, a reminder of the real facts:

As for these ‘worries’, like an earlier report based on a Facebook ‘chatroom’ run by one GP and his friends:

the above report is based on the work of one GP who has collected signatures from ‘over 100’ medics. We’re not even assured that these are GPs out of Scotland’s ‘over 5 000’, 98% of whom, including their union, the BMA, have not written.

The letter’s ‘co-ordinator’ works at this Glasgow practice:

You’ll understand why I thought at first it might be a private facility. Generously funded by NHS Scotland but preferring to present itself in this pretentious [‘Regency’ in Glasgow?], ‘independent’ way with their website software provider accorded as much prominence as NHS Scotland, this disturbs me.

Is this really a local problem, inflated by one indignant GP, but accorded national significance by a desperate state broadcaster, unable to find anything real journalists would want to report?