Sourced by Clydebuilt our Investigative Radio Correspondent

On Morning with Kay Adams at 09.40 this morning we heard from Donald Macaskill, CEO Scottish Care. He stunned Kaye and the listeners with this:

We are facing an additional problem and that is that the care home sector and the care sector had traditionally ordered PPE from various sources. The four largest companies in the UK [sic] last week said they were not sending to Scotland and their priority was going to be England NHS and then English social care providers so within two or three days we’ve had a massive dry-up of procurement into Scotland and that’s had an impact, a really serious impact on our care homes and home care.’

You could sense the alarm in Kay’s voice as she, ironically, tried to blame the Scottish sector for not being independent enough:

‘So you don’t have any unique Scottish sources? But is the stuff there to be got?

Macaskill then went on to praise the Scottish Government’s efforts in increasing supply. Adams moved on quickly.

Remember this was BBC Scotland Radio and watch out for the story to make onto Reporting Scotland and the website.