It’s not on the BBC Scotland website but is the headline story on the BBC England site and featured on the UK one.

The report tells us, of course that:

They will carry out tasks across Britain such as driving ambulances, the Ministry of Defence said.’

They gave themselves away, of course, with:

Members of the Royal Navy, the British army and the Royal Air Force will be sent to five NHS ambulance trusts.

Alert readers will know there are no ‘trusts’ in Scotland. Etymologists can tell us what that means about them and us as a people in comments below.

‘Aye ye can trust nae buddy these days so ye cannae, aye!’

BBC 1 have just broadcast that it’s England and Wales.

To be fair, which is not our guiding ethic here:

‘The RAF is already assisting the Scottish Ambulance Service by using its Puma helicopters to take patients to hospital.’

The Sun had a story about this in March. Have they done any runs yet? If so where were Reporting Scotland?


Come on BBC Scotland! Open goal or whit? Colonel Davidson driving a WWII ambulance and still going strong, on the flat mind you?

Footnote 2:

TuSC spoke to a senior ambulance guy who wants to stay anonymous and he said:

‘These guys would get lost outside their base! That guy in charge, Captain Mannering I think, is a complete balloon. He tried to tell me were wasting time and oxygen because these ‘old duffers’ as he put it, wouldn’t make it anyway!’