Scottish care home deaths ‘after’ a coronavirus outbreak were headline news on BBC Scotland, England and UK but those in 8 English areas are not.

The report of deaths ‘after’ a coronavirus outbreak in a Glasgow care home was all over BBC Scotland, TV, radio and website, the Herald, the Scotsman, the Sun and so on, but it also made the UK news too as a big story. It featured 7 times in one morning on BBC Breakfast.

The folk in these homes are particularly vulnerable anywhere in the UK so, I wondered why we hadn’t heard of any comparable outbreaks elsewhere. I guess there can’t have been any or the BBC would surely have told us?

I had a ten minute search:

April 5th: ‘There have so far been at least 40 virus-related deaths in UK care homes’

April 6th: ‘Five Portsmouth care home residents die – four of them had Covid-19 symptoms’


4th April: ‘Labour MP Peter Kyle, who represents Hove, East Sussex, says the UK coronavirus crisis is killing elderly people in care – and they can’t even say goodbye to loved ones.’

March 27th: ‘A positive case was confirmed at Oaklands Nursing Home in Hove where 13 people had been tested for the virus.’


3rd April: ‘The Westmorland Gazette was contacted by a concerned member of staff who claimed there had been multiple deaths linked to COVID-19 (coronavirus) there in less than a week.’

6th April: ‘Three more residents die at Liverpool care home battling coronavirus outbreak.’

April 5th: ‘Wellburn,which has 14 homes across the north-east including several in the York area, claims hospitals are refusing to admit any residents who test positive for the virus and the firm has received calls from local doctors instructing it to be prepared for ‘multiple end of life situations.’

7 thoughts on “Scottish care home deaths ‘after’ a coronavirus outbreak were headline news on BBC Scotland, England and UK but those in 8 English areas are not.

  1. Goodness, this is awful. But you are right John, I thought it was just Scottish care homes that were at risk…

    Is that last one where Wellburn claims they won’t take residents into hospital – is that really true? Dreadful if so.

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  2. Old, frail people concentrated in units, visited by social workers, care home workers, medical staff, all whom flit about similar units.
    In a contagious outbreak, they are in the front line, sadly.

    As are the Scottish government, in the face of the virus of colonial “journalism” !

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  3. Faeroe Islands are a good test case? They’ve certainly controlled their situation up to now:

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  4. Yes even the otherwise usually balanced reporting C4 got into the act by visiting a Care home in Scotland (the name escapes me) to be told by the ‘Manager’ (I think) that they had received a ‘donation’ of PPE by a concerned relative of a resident which she felt they should not need to rely on. However earlier in the Gov briefing and also in past Briefings the Health Sec said there were ample supplies of PPE and gave a dedicated helpline for those in the Care sector. If we are not already aware this unfortunate issue is becoming a political football for the English media to exploit when they can.

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    1. Gerry, I am surprised that you think Ch4 News is normally ‘balanced’. I think it has, like the Guardian and the other self-proclaimed bastions of ‘progressiveness’ a presumed axiom that Scottish independence is wrong and, all its reports on Scotland are framed in that way.

      Mr Jenkins’ interview with the GMB official was informative and the official made her points well. However, prior to this, when the risible Jon Snow introduced it, he framed it in the context of ‘failure’ and after the piece, he re-emphasised the ‘failure’ aspect.

      Ch4 News is a ‘licensed outlier’ of the British Establishment – it can give a platform to views which are on the edges of the ‘permitted’ range of views (The Overton Window), but it has to support the BRITISH STATE, because that is where the money comes from as the Tories made clear when Ch4 held a debate on Climate Change and ’empty chaired’ the PM and the CH4 News regular, Mr Nigel Farage.

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