Message to Scottish Labour voters: With respect, it’s time to move

I used to vote Labour, until Blair. I know folk who have stayed loyally with them, as those who care about progressive policies have drifted to the SNP or the Greens and as others have put the Union before Labour values, to support the unspeakable Tories.

I respect them. I admire their dedication and optimism. When Corbyn won and seemed to be dragging the party back to where it belongs, I hesitated but I knew that it could not last in England.

With the leadership of Sir Keir Starmer announced and his expulsion of socialists from his shadow cabinet, I could see it was over.

Did two words, ‘Sir’ and ‘Keir’ ever look so uncomfortable together?

Now with the return of Ed ‘I’m keeping austerity’ Milliband, you know where you’re going and you know it won’t be a place where you can be happy.

I’t’s no good saying that you still have a Corbynite running the Scottish branch. He’ll do what he’s told and with his new depute, a longtime Blairite and WMD-supporter, his days are numbered.

I’m not saying join and campaign for the SNP or the Greens but lend them your vote until the great day when Scotland’s predominantly leftist electorate can get the government it votes for.

10 thoughts on “Message to Scottish Labour voters: With respect, it’s time to move”

  1. British Labour had to stick with the “austerity” agenda,otherwise they would have been attacked by England’s right wing press as being reckless socialists which would not play well with England’s voters.
    In the UK that is all that matters (England’s voters that is).
    As we have seen,only too well in the Brexit fiasco,Scotland is irrelevant when it comes to being in power at Westminster.

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  2. There will be austerity for decades to come after this pandemic has played out. While some make a killing on the stock exchange, jobs are being lost left right and centre. Populists will insist on tariffs to protect home markets (the depression) and blame Johnny Foreigner for all the BAD stuff—that will include Scots in the UK, wait and see.
    Labour have elected a London lawyer to win back, what? Scotland? The Red Wall? No, its the right wing media they want back. Remember Blair and Brown flying out to Oz to bow and scrape to Rupert? How low will Sir Keir (burl away Keir Hardie) have to stoop to impress all the press Barons, City slickers, Casino capitalists? What will he have to promise?

    Boris V Sir Keir—a doomsday election. Scotland MUST get away before it comes.

    We have heard the “Federalism” fairy tale before. Don’t get fooled again !

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    1. Gavin, you’re right about the ‘F’ word. I see that the new Labour leader plans to “… establish a constitutional convention in opposition that applies that principle of federalism … ”

      The ‘principle’ of federalism – is that different from ‘actual federalism’? I wonder how it differs from the ‘federalism’ we were promised in 2014 … and that we should have had by now …. or that we actually do have now, or at least as close to federalism as is possible? It’s going get very tedious.

      And with Ian Murray MP now appointed as Labour’s shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, we can be sure that the communication of Labour’s new ‘plan’ for us will be littered with Mr Murray’s favourite terms – ‘internationalist’, ‘solidarity’ and ‘nationalism is always very, VERY bad, especially (of course) Scotland’s’. More tedium!

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      1. Stewartb , I think Labours “federalism” will be precisely the same as the Lib Dumbs. A clue to which was Wee Wullies assertion during the recent “These Island” Brit Nat fest, that “Scotland had enough powers—did not need any more” !
        Murray is an out and out British nationalist. He detests the very concept of self-determination for Scots. Starmer has seemingly given a veto to the “Scottish” Labour Party over our ability to choose–yet boasts he is named after Keir Hardie. Hardie was in favour of Dominion status for Scotland, so will find his hero a hard act to follow.

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      2. The principle of federalism will turn out to be the same as the Sewel Convention, a convention not an act, so stuff you lot. Ditto a principle, I have others in my back pocket, so suck it up.
        The good thing is we have been through these lies and promises before but will enough of us be aware?


  3. They can go take a run and jump, we know what they all are or we are extremely stupid , decades of Labour has done absolutely nothing for Scotland , they see us as an English region , no thanks , I’ll take my independence thank you very much ! .

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  4. The English establishment will be delighted that they have “managed” to get another Tory in charge of the Labour party! When will Scots Labour supporters see through the mist?

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  5. Remember at the start? Labour wanted certain attributes for their new Leader.

    They wanted—a woman. Instead its the same old male dominated party (trades Unions, Labour clubs, party affiliations etc).

    They wanted someone from “outside the Westminster bubble”. A lawyer whose work was always in Establishment London.

    They wanted someone from the North (not North Islington)—a London Lawyer is what they have.


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