Scotland: 8% of the population but at least 20% of the coronavirus testing

NO!! They’re doing that on purpose!!

From the muculent Michael Gove today:

The number of coronavirus tests being carried out in Britain every day has hit 10,000 for the first time, Michael Gove has announced. The Cabinet Office minister confirmed the milestone as he acknowledged there was “more to do” to ensure frontline health workers treating coronavirus are checked for the disease.

From the reliable BBC four days ago:

Scotland’s testing capacity has increased from 390 samples per day at the beginning of the outbreak up to 1,900 tests per day now.

6 thoughts on “Scotland: 8% of the population but at least 20% of the coronavirus testing

  1. I rather like the use of ‘muculent’ though not sure how to say it. Is the first syllable pronounced like mucous, which I assume it is related to?
    However, though its useful to have an alternative, I’ll probably stick with ‘sleekit’ most of the time

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  2. Wont matter.
    The Brit Nit narrative is now set—— “Covid-19 “Typhoid Mary” killer CMO on rampage–many dead—the world in jeopardy, says Gove “.

    “Sturgeon complicit and MUST hang”—- Carlot; Leotard; Wee Wullie—who just happen to have a rope !

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  3. I’ve been seeing the occasional comment about how there are no checks of people in airports – obviously its good that there are repatriation flights, but why no checks and quarantine? Very odd. And here is a picture of Heathrow, assuming it has been taken recently there seems to be no effort made on physical distancing (the complaint is, obviously, the crack down on folk lazing about the parks, distantly, causing no harm)


  4. What is Jackie shouting for??? ——-“mair pies, ‘n don’t furget the beans an’a ketchup” !

    “Oh, and a diet coke” !


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