New cases fall again

I’ve been listening to the First Minister and BBC reporters saying that the peak is some way off and that there is worse to come but I don’t understand why then the number of new cases is on a downward trend.

I know little of epidemiology but I just don’t see it.

I do know that around 80% of cases will be too mild to ever enter the statistics but surely that doesn’t matter. We need to know about the trend in those cases hospitalised and in the trend for deaths. Only two recorded deaths again today but I understand we’ll get the frightening truth tomorrow.

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8 thoughts on “New cases fall again

  1. Lower death numbers may just reflect delays in getting permission from relatives (bit daft as it is anonymous) or actual tests on deceased to verify Covid 19 was really present and not just pneumonia ?

    Tomorrow and Wednesday should sort that .


    1. OR is she trying to scare us all into our houses to minimise the numbers catching Covid-19.
      If that’s the FM’s plan . . , it’s totally fine by me.

      Btw BTP why did you drop the “Le” for the “The”.


    2. The FM did say that patient confidentiality is becoming less of a problem now that larger numbers are involved.


  2. I commented on a different post where stewartb and I were discussing this: Nicola Sturgeon says it’s because National Registers doesn’t work 7 days – I don’t know enough about how this works to know why two deaths are recorded but not the rest – I think it’s more to do with changes in reporting criteria, I thought they’d changed over already (2nd april?). Very confusing.


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