14%?!?! What am I supposed to do with those Jocks? Hopefully the lovely proper accents which Richard and I have, combined with those of Sir Whiny Nasal Voice as leader will change their minds.

The Panelbase poll of 1023, 16+ adults, based on fieldwork on 24-26 March, reported today in the Sunday Times yesterday, is the fourth in short order, to place support for the SNP above 50% and collective support for pro-Indy parties into the mid 50s.

On Holyrood voting intentions an overall SNP majority is predicted:

  • Con 26%
  • Green 3%
  • Lab 14%
  • LibDem 6%
  • SNP 51%

On voting in Indyref2 it was, as before, too close to call:

  • Yes 46%
  • No 47%
  • Don’t know 7%

On the effects of the Alex Salmond trial it was bad news for him with 41% now more negative about him but little impact on how they felt about the FM

On handling the coronavirus outbreak 67% approved of Sturgeon and 47% approved of Johnson.

Finally, on the impact of the coronavirus situation on support for independence, there seemed to be a small boost with 24% now more likely to support and 17% less likely to do so.