Herald feeding frenzy but only 7 stories on the same thing this time

So, that’s 7 stories on the same thing all on the same thing. OTT certainly but not the Herald’s low point. Back in February, they manged 11 stories on Derek Mackay, all on the same day:


8 thoughts on “Herald feeding frenzy but only 7 stories on the same thing this time”

      1. The entire UK gov cabinet didn’t follow their own advice right from the start – and now it looks like the vultures are circling, jostling to get into position to take power – Hancock out of quarantine early so he isn’t usurped by Gove? They aren’t taking this seriously that’s for sure. Well spotted on the hand washing John! Few people seem to know how to wash their hands, and judging by the the panic buying of soap, haven’t been practicing for a long time,,,

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      2. I love that he even lied about shaking hands with everyone, even the virus patients in that hospital.
        Notice how when a lot of them, and that time Moronson, lie nowadays they put ‘i think’ in front of it.
        Trump’s trick is to lie and then say ‘I don’t, know after’.
        It would be really handy if their liying tips worked for the next time you get a speeding ticket!
        Odd that every traffic cop is smarter than the whole of the MSM.

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      1. Unfortunately, yes she’s part of the cabal. She does really care about the NHS I think, but obviously not when it interferes with her own comfort.

        Aye, my hands are chapped too, it’s difficult keeping up washing – moisturising routine, so it’s easier just not going out and keeping grubbiness to myself – not the right attitude! It looks like gale force winds today so must get out for a walk!

        Really annoying when they change to names of things for no reason…and we don’t keep up 😀


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