This YouMug poll for the Talking-up Scotland Collective sampled 4070 varied followers to establish the level of support for key figures in the coronavirus outbreak. Just over 10% responded to a task that might have taken them all of 10 seconds.

Heartlessly, we feel, they went for Boris with 81.3% calling for his head even though they knew he was in the hospital suffering for the nation.

Shockingly, given the Scottish media campaign to protect them from civil service failure, only 20 or so wanted the CMO to go back to Fife.

Notably, 93.3% appear to blame the Westminster Tories. Jackson Carlaw was unavailable for comment.


One twitterer was really angry at our mis-spelling of Jeane Freemann’s name and called the poll ‘stupid!’

After all I do for you people! Up at all hours! No sleep!

Footnote 2:

We hope Jeannne Freemannn’s very low rating here may cause some Scottish health correspondents to revisit their strategy of blaming her for any death in a Scottish hospital.