This must the best so far. What a hoot. The Herald headlines a tweet by Douglas Alexander and two, yes two, tweets agreeing with him. The Herald’s Jack Aitchison (14) wrote:

‘A ROW has emerged online following the naming of Glasgow’s new temporary hospital at the SEC. We told yesterday how the emergency facility to treat coronavirus patients is to be named in honour of a Maryhill nurse – Louisa Jordan. Jordan dedicated her life to aid efforts during the first world war in countries including Serbia – before dying of typhus aged 36.’

Alexander thought it should be named ‘Nightingale Glasgow’ because we’re all in this together. One twitterer wrote:

‘As a Scot living in London, I’m really disappointed to see the SNP use this crisis as another opportunity to promote seperatism at the most inappropriate time. The majority of Scots will refer to the hospital as #NightingaleGlasgow despite their efforts. How embarassing for Scotland.’

Another wrote:

‘A slap in the face for the British Army who have worked so hard to get #NightingaleGlasgow ready.’

I don’t think I need comment. You’re probably on the floor anyway.

Herald? A row has emerged? Desperate or whit!?