Child mortality falls 7% in 5 years to reach UK level

Thanks to a parliamentary question from the Lib Dems on Wednesday, the Scottish Government was able inform us that the mortality rate for children aged 1 to 9 has fallen 7%, from 10.39 per 100 000 in 2013 to 9.7 per 100 000 in 2018. The UK rate is also 9.7.

Since 2007, the Scottish rate has fallen from 15 per 100 000 to the UK rate.

In 2008, the UK figure was 12.3 per 100 000.

Click to access WA20200318.pdf

Readers will remember a series of Scottish government initiatives to reduce poverty which of course plays a part in child mortality:

Joseph Rowntree Foundation praises SNP initiative on child poverty

The Scottish Child Payment will see £10 per week paid to lower-income families in receipt of qualifying benefits1 for every child aged under 16 years old. While the JRF offers advice on further improvements to the Scottish Child Payment, it was particularly supportive of the initiative saying, today: Following a great deal of work in

Reporting on child poverty in Scotland with one source and NO context again

Once more Reporting Scotland return to one of their favourite themes – child poverty – but contrary to their own editorial guidelines rely on one source and offer no contextual data to help viewers make sense of it. To make sure that what they offer is more than poverty porn and for the piece to

The Grudge: BBC Scotland on lower poverty rate here

When the Joseph Rowntree Foundation says something, it’s as true as it gets. You don’t need inverted commas as if they were one of your typically unreliable ‘sources’. BBC Scotland ‘Good news but with a grudge.’ ‘Scotland has bucked this trend with more social housing available at more affordable rents.’ ‘With?’ Why? On new

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