Reports of shortages in protective gear have been headlined by BBC UK but not by BBC Scotland:

That BBC Scotland have not picked up on this, suggests that they have nothing on it. If they had, we’d know all about it. Yet, only a week ago, the Herald headlined:

It turned out to be just an unreliable rumour from what turned out to be little more than a ‘chatroom.’ I wrote:

McIntosh [the source interviewed] is the ‘chair’ of a small pressure group set up to compete, in England, with the RCGP and the BMA.

Note these large and long-established groups have not commented on this.

This group’s ‘around’ 650 members [really 612 Facebook friends after 5 years] represent only 13% of Scotland’s ‘around’ 5 000 GPs, and we do not know how ‘many’ have actually expressed concern. The Herald seems unconcerned by this lack of detail.

McIntosh is not a ‘GP leader’ with some high level of expertise in the field just a young GP who is ‘Admin’ on a Facebook page.

So, while I know that the absence of evidence is not always the evidence of absence, it usually is when our MSM are involved, so:

Coronavirus update: No sign of shortages of protective gear in Scotland