Coronavirus update: No sign of shortages of protective gear in Scotland

Reports of shortages in protective gear have been headlined by BBC UK but not by BBC Scotland:

That BBC Scotland have not picked up on this, suggests that they have nothing on it. If they had, we’d know all about it. Yet, only a week ago, the Herald headlined:

It turned out to be just an unreliable rumour from what turned out to be little more than a ‘chatroom.’ I wrote:

McIntosh [the source interviewed] is the ‘chair’ of a small pressure group set up to compete, in England, with the RCGP and the BMA.

Note these large and long-established groups have not commented on this.

This group’s ‘around’ 650 members [really 612 Facebook friends after 5 years] represent only 13% of Scotland’s ‘around’ 5 000 GPs, and we do not know how ‘many’ have actually expressed concern. The Herald seems unconcerned by this lack of detail.

McIntosh is not a ‘GP leader’ with some high level of expertise in the field just a young GP who is ‘Admin’ on a Facebook page.

So, while I know that the absence of evidence is not always the evidence of absence, it usually is when our MSM are involved, so:

Coronavirus update: No sign of shortages of protective gear in Scotland

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus update: No sign of shortages of protective gear in Scotland

  1. Yesterday Nicola Sturgeon gave her live press conference covered live on Twitter but not on BBC STV or SKY
    shysters propaganda war against Scotland
    Later on news programmes these tv channels reported her press conference but presenters talked over what she was saying throughout and actually got information wrong probably on purpose feeding wrong information to people in Scotland is part of their propaganda

    They said schools were going to close this week until the summer holidays but that is not what Nicola sturgeon said
    I watched Nicola sturgeon live on Twitter
    She aid schools in Scotland will close Friday
    She said schools will not reopen before Easter
    She said school MIGHT stay closed until after the school holidays
    She said the effects of covid19 are being reviewed daily

    So many of us hate BBC now
    BBC now use staff not so well known to the public to try and hide BBC involvement
    In the twitter press conference yesterday the slimy questions from journalists was plain to see but they all every single one of them kept their back to the camera throughout and spoke so softly to hide identification
    We know who they are they can’t hide

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    1. Reporting Scotland on Tues and Wed have included live interviews with the First Minister which have been fairly long and notable for the fact that she was allowed to speak pretty much without interruption

      On the subject of protective gear Reporting Scotland did do a piece on it and interviewed someone from the Royal College of GPs. Cannot remember the substance of it but I’m sure it exists somewhere in the ether

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  2. It is shocking, but sadly unsurprising, that the British media, even during a crisis such as this, just can’t help itself.

    Last night ITV had one of the most breath taking pieces of political theatre regarding equipment shortages in Scotland. It featured a whistle blower, identity protected by shooting in a studio with lighting worthy of film noir, voiced over by an actor, being fed leading questions by a “reporter”.

    Cut to Nicola Sturgeon’s press conference where same reporter repeats allegation.

    At no point previously in the programme had the health service been given any title other than the, “NHS”.

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