Headlining the Herald this morning:

‘Doctors are being put at risk by a lack of protective gear, a GP leader [Facebook Admin] has said. Andy Mcintosh, the chair of the GP Survival Scotland forum, which has around 650 members across Scotland [really 612 Facebook friends after 5 years], said ‘many’ had received no equipment so far. Those who had had usually only been sent a single box of 50 masks which would last only “two or three days”, said Dr Mcintosh.’

Speech marks around ‘at risk’ do not let the writer ‘off the hook.’ Readers will take this as a literal statement. The headline will cause panic among some.

McIntosh is the ‘chair’ of a small pressure group set up to compete, in England, with the RCGP and the BMA.

Note these large and long-established groups have not commented on this.

This group’s ‘around’ 650 members [really 612 Facebook friends after 5 years] represent only 13% of Scotland’s ‘around’ 5 000 GPs, and we do not know how ‘many’ have actually expressed concern. The Herald seems unconcerned by this lack of detail.

McIntosh is not a ‘GP leader’ with some high level of expertise in the field just a young GP who is ‘Admin’ on a Facebook page.

This Herald story will cause unnecessary anxiety. The author, Helen McArdle, should be ashamed.