Onshore wind comeback not of interest to BBC Scotland?

PM climbdown? No, not in the public interest.

Ludo Thierry

Found this on the beeb Politics page – but am not finding it on the beeb Scotland pages (situation normal). Sounds as if Johnson’s govt are bowing to the concerted pressure exerted by the sustainable electricity generators, the environmental lobby, the Scottish Govt and Parlt and the Welsh and N.Ireland govts (and Ukania’s own obligations under climate change targets).

Johnson will hum and haw but this is a significant political climbdown (and bodes well for future such events if we can all stay focussed and disciplined). Johnson’s big Westminster majority only goes so far in the face of multiple (and growing) political, social and economic realities. Link and snippet below:


The cheapest form of new power in the UK – onshore wind – is set to make a comeback, according to a government decision today.

Ministers previously blocked projects after complaints from local campaigners that they were a blot on the landscape.

The government responded by denying onshore wind the chance to bid for a price guarantee for the electricity they produce.

This meant it was virtually impossible for wind farms to gain permission.

Environmentalists said the decision was irrational, and today the government has opened the way for onshore wind farm developers to bid for price support.

In the long term, it should lead to cheaper electricity for consumers. Solar farms will be able to bid for price guarantees too.

But the government still wants local people to have a strong say in the decision where they are built. That means relatively few are expected in congested England.

In Scotland, though, Scottish Power is delighted. It has 1,000MW in the pipeline for wind and solar.

The small pressure group known as Possible has been pushing for a resurgence of onshore wind. It says: “After years of campaigning we can finally celebrate the UK’s cheapest new energy source being brought in from the cold.”

Onshore wind fell out of favour after Conservative activists complained about the visual impact and hum of wind farms in the countryside.

In sections of the media, the word “hated” became attached to the term wind farm – and most MPs believed they were deeply unpopular with the public.

In fact, the government’s own surveys show over-whelming public support for onshore wind – albeit not always in the areas where it’s been built.

Scottish Power said in future they would build solar, wind farms and batteries on the same site to maximise the output and minimise the disturbance.

2 thoughts on “Onshore wind comeback not of interest to BBC Scotland?

  1. It is remarkable – or perhaps not! – that it seems that no significant profile was given by BBC Scotland to this Westminster U-turn on onshore wind – this is a BIG deal for Scotland’s energy sector and economy.

    For more information see this from the trade body Scottish Renewables: https://www.scottishrenewables.com/news/569-onshore-wind-back-in-energy-mix

    One of the things that stood out for me in the BBC (UK) article you did find Ludo was this:

    “Onshore wind fell out of favour (with the Westminster government) after Conservative activists complained about the visual impact and hum of wind farms in the countryside.”

    This is another stark example of how Scotland’s agency (our capacity to act) – as still a ‘dependent’ country – is neutered on the most important strategic issues!

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  2. The reason they will resume building wind farms is that they will mostly be built in Scotland and will provide cheaper electricity for England , the people in the outer Hebrides pay the highest rates for electricity in U.K. but are so rounded by wind farms producing the most and cheapest electricity.
    The rest of us in Scotland have to scramble about looking for online companies all based in England to supply reasonable rates for our electricity but we still pay more .

    Even though we generate more electricity than we can use why do we pay more ?
    Because we are fewer

    England generates less and pays less than we do they get our electricity cheaper than we do because there are more of them

    The british nationalist dividend ?


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