West Dunbarton Better Together Alliance flushed out!

Ludo Thierry

Smart move by the SNP/Independent coalition admin on West Dunbartonshire Council in passing a council motion calling for Westminster to transfer the relevant powers to Scotland to facilitate the people resident in Scotland choosing our own constitutional future by referendum.

Naturally this flushed out the better together alliance – with the tory voting for the labour amendment – but then the labour crew abstained altogether!. None of which stopped the W. Dunbartonshire Council adding yet another piece in the democratic mosaic that will deliver an Indy vote (by one means or another) in due course. Link and snippets below:


West Dunbartonshire Council will write to the UK Government asking them to transfer the relevant powers to the Scottish Parliament to facilitate a second referendum.

A motion by leader of the council Jonathan McColl presented at last week’s full council urged the Prime Minister to respect the right of the Scottish people and allow their views to be heard.

It states: “Given the range of circumstances that have changed since the independence referendum held more than half a decade ago, West Dunbartonshire Council supports the right of our constituents and everyone living in Scotland to choose their future in a new independence referendum.”

West Dunbartonshire community party councillor Jim Bollan said that the decision was about democracy not
nationalism or unionism.

He added: “I am a socialist. I would love to see a united Ireland and an independent Scotland but there is more to this.

“This is about our right to choose after the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

“Brexit was a game changer and I believe that the first vote should be discounted as the playing field has changed dramatically.”

Following the debate 12 members voted for the motion… and all Labour councillors present abstained.

3 thoughts on “West Dunbarton Better Together Alliance flushed out!

  1. Wait till Jackie Baillie hears about this! And she will–Jaikie Carlotti will make sure–his sidekick, Wee Wullie winkie( “see you David, wink, wink” ), will hot foot it to her door.

    Don’t these Labour cooncillors know Scots cannot get a say in their own constitutional future?
    A constitutional future reserved for Westminster, its huge majority of English MP’s and its trainload of Peers/Dames/Dutchess’s/Lords/ Barons/Lairds and Ffoulk’sers, to decide on our behalf.

    Our constitution, like our fishing grounds/stock, is beyond our ken.
    Landlocked EU countries will have more say on Scottish fish stocks, than Scots will—–because we will have none.

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  2. Before the act of union there were over 100 petitions to the Scottish Parliament from every type of organisation. Burghs, towns, guilds churches etc. Not one of the petitions was in favour of union.

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  3. Had a wee laugh at the british nationalists responding to the msn news report ( link above) panic ridden bunch still going no about once in a generation and William Wallace etc etc we’ve got them on the run but once a majority vote for Scottish independence will they come out of their hidey holes ?


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