Ludo Thierry

I’ve seen tons of ‘negative’ stories on the beeb Scotland site about the various problems that can come with growing tourism when the numbers arriving and advance planning hasn’t meshed as well as it might. (Edinburgh, Skye etc). I don’t recall seeing any news stories about the passengers from the Norwegian cruise ships organising beach clear-ups. Somehow the beeb Isle of Man page carries the story (which mentions similar episodes on Orkney and Shetland). Much too positive a story for beeb Scotland to show interest in, one has to assume? Link and snippets below:

About 140 tourists on a visiting cruise ship took time out during a short stop at the Isle of Man to clean a beach in the south of the island.

Passengers from the Fridjtof Nansen collected 280kg of litter in just an hour in Castletown and Derbyhaven.

The Beach Buddies charity supplied the visitors with equipment and sacks for Monday’s clean-up. Crew member Ton Holt said it was important to “help the places that we go” and inspire passengers to do more.

The Norwegian vessel’s owner Hurtigruten has previously organised similar beach cleaning excursions during visits to the Shetland and Orkney islands.

Beach Buddies have organised regular litter collections from around the island’s shores since 2006.

Passenger Julie Christiansen, from Oslo, said: “We have the same problem of pollution so it’s really nice to see the beach and help clean up a bit as well.”