The emergency services at King’s College Hospital in London were inspected in November 2019 and the report appeared last week. They were found to be unsafe. The inspectors found:

  • The service still did not ensure staff had completed mandatory training, and expected targets were not always being achieved.
  • The service still did not have fully suitable premises. There was no dedicated paediatric mental health assessment room available and there was a lack of consideration given to ligature points.
  • Consumable single use equipment items were not rotated properly to ensure all items were in date.
  • Patients could not access care and treatment in a timely way, however, there was evidence of improvement in this area.

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That the A&E department did not satisfy the inspectors was not surprising given its performance. In January 2020 only 57.6% of patients were seen within 4 hours. The target is 95%.

For context:

Croydon, also in London, saw only 47% within 4 hours.

NHS Scotland’s worst performing board, Lanarkshire, saw 77.2% within 4 hours.

Can you imagine what BBC Scotland’s health correspondent would make of this if it was in Scotland?

Footnote: Croydon has a Tory Council