Damning report into ‘unsafe’ English hospital where A&E target is missed by nearly 40% ignored by BBC

The emergency services at King’s College Hospital in London were inspected in November 2019 and the report appeared last week. They were found to be unsafe. The inspectors found:

  • The service still did not ensure staff had completed mandatory training, and expected targets were not always being achieved.
  • The service still did not have fully suitable premises. There was no dedicated paediatric mental health assessment room available and there was a lack of consideration given to ligature points.
  • Consumable single use equipment items were not rotated properly to ensure all items were in date.
  • Patients could not access care and treatment in a timely way, however, there was evidence of improvement in this area.

Click to access rjz01_location_king_s_college_hospital_newapproachfocused_20191219%20final%20.pdf

That the A&E department did not satisfy the inspectors was not surprising given its performance. In January 2020 only 57.6% of patients were seen within 4 hours. The target is 95%.


For context:

Croydon, also in London, saw only 47% within 4 hours.

NHS Scotland’s worst performing board, Lanarkshire, saw 77.2% within 4 hours.


Can you imagine what BBC Scotland’s health correspondent would make of this if it was in Scotland?

Footnote: Croydon has a Tory Council

One thought on “Damning report into ‘unsafe’ English hospital where A&E target is missed by nearly 40% ignored by BBC

  1. Has the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care been held to account yet – by the BBC, by a newspaper, by anyone?

    And for the avoidance of doubt for any new visitors to this site , I and I’m sure the author of this post and other regular contributors sincerely wish that this London hospital was performing optimally for its community and patients. This not about seeking to benefit from others’ misfortune.

    The point being made here concerns the inconsistent treatment of NHS-related stories in Scotland – commonly politicised/weaponised, stoking negativity bias and exhibiting bias by omission – and how by contrast they (often much worse situations) are covered elsewhere in the UK. And especially by the BBC!

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