Orpington’s Princess Royal Hospital in deepest Tory Kent, seat of Jo Johnson with a 60% majority, was inspected in November 2019 and the report published last week. It’s frankly horrific and if known locally must be spreading fear and panic.

The inspectors wrote:

‘Morale across the department remained low and with that the culture of learned helplessness within the department remained. There was still a disparity in the thinking of the department leadership and the senior divisional leaders with regards to support to the department. The ‘done too’ culture remained within the department.’

Click to access rjz30_location_princess_royal_university_hospital_newapproachfocused_20191219%20final.pdf

One Scottish hospital, after a concerted media campaign led by BBC Scotland, was put into special measures for pigeons getting into the boiler house and perhaps but probably not infecting the water supply. Once more, imagine what they’d make of this?