‘A culture of learned helplessness!’ Is this Kent hospital in PM’s brother’s seat the worst in Britain? Why is BBC unaware?

Orpington’s Princess Royal Hospital in deepest Tory Kent, seat of Jo Johnson with a 60% majority, was inspected in November 2019 and the report published last week. It’s frankly horrific and if known locally must be spreading fear and panic.

The inspectors wrote:

‘Morale across the department remained low and with that the culture of learned helplessness within the department remained. There was still a disparity in the thinking of the department leadership and the senior divisional leaders with regards to support to the department. The ‘done too’ culture remained within the department.’

Click to access rjz30_location_princess_royal_university_hospital_newapproachfocused_20191219%20final.pdf

One Scottish hospital, after a concerted media campaign led by BBC Scotland, was put into special measures for pigeons getting into the boiler house and perhaps but probably not infecting the water supply. Once more, imagine what they’d make of this?

9 thoughts on “‘A culture of learned helplessness!’ Is this Kent hospital in PM’s brother’s seat the worst in Britain? Why is BBC unaware?

  1. Has the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care been held to account yet – by the BBC, by a newspaper, by anyone?

    And for the avoidance of doubt for any new visitors to this site , I and I’m sure the author of this post and other regular contributors sincerely wish that this Kent hospital was performing optimally for its community and patients. This not about seeking to benefit from others’ misfortune.

    The point being made here concerns the inconsistent treatment of NHS-related stories in Scotland – commonly politicised/weaponised, stoking negativity bias and exhibiting bias by omission – and how by contrast they (often much worse situations) are covered elsewhere in the UK. And especially by the BBC!

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  2. Well Chomsky explained what is going on very clearly, and it hits the right notes.
    He said that the NHS is deliberately underfunded, slowly and deliberately so that services eventually and gradually
    start to fail. There comes a point that it will only be a shadow of what used to be. People will get angry, people will protect at the failures occurring.

    The government then say they will do something about it, They will make a few changes just to misdirect the people.
    little of what they do will help, and that is what they want.
    To ” get a better Health Service, we must now consider private care to so that the issues people need sorted will get sorted out. After a short period of reflection, they announce that while the NHS will stay for now, They qill be in discussion with private companies which can benefit the health services.

    That is only the sneaky starting gun as US health care companies are invited in to sort out the Health Service, While of course the Tories will be heavily invested in these companies. They are big and they are powerful. Most or all of Health services will be taken over, bit by bit. Until the US system of rip off health costs is fully installed.

    If Scotland remains in this so called UK, we will also fall under this, they will not be stopped, because we are still part of the UK and despite the SNH being separate, they will, with help of the UK government, find a way.

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    1. It’s Ok we are fluent in typo language here. We have all typed a post through a red mist, hit post and then gone ‘sh *t’.
      Google may even have a translate function for Typo and Duolingo is considering offering courses but most of us think the problem could be solved by strangling predictive text and his evil twin autocorrect

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      1. Alas folks, if only it was just the odd typo.
        I have come to the conclusion that my literacy genes are slowly being stolen while I sleep–away wi’ the fairies, and probably just the first of many—until I sit drooling in front of my keyboard, while my mind cavorts in youthful pursuits on warm summer days amid the flower meadows.

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