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From: stewartb

[The editor takes full credit for the headline. Stewartb is innocent. T-shirts available]

We just can’t allow too much unalloyed good being attributed to this Scottish Government!

I’m pleased that after her longstanding advocacy Monica Lennon’s bill for universal provision is receiving support but you’re right, we should not forget the antecedents to this new legislation.


“In August 2018, Scotland made history as the country leading a global movement to end period poverty. The government pledged to invest £5.2m to provide free menstrual products in schools, colleges and universities across the country. Period supplies will be available in toilets, just as paper and soap are already provided. The scheme’s objective is to ensure that all students have access to the pads, tampons and products they need, regardless of financial means. …..

At the same time, a government-funded pilot in Aberdeen provided 1,000 women with period supplies, leading to the introduction of a £500,000 trial across several Scottish cities. These trials were aimed at women in low-income households to help alleviate the consequences of period poverty.”

In her Guardian article on period poverty on 5 Feb 2018 Libby Brooks, the paper’s Scotland correspondent, acknowledged the research by Women for Independence and the campaigning by Gillian Martin MSP on this subject together with Monica Lennon.

(As an aside: I seem to remember back in 2012 a leader of SLAB – Johann Lamont – questioned the merits of universalism in social policy. The John Reid Foundation at the time (28 Sept. 2012) put her right: “If Scottish Labour wants to open up a debate on universalism, I welcome it. It’ll be a brief debate and universalism will win. Again.”)

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