Only months after the report of at least 42 avoidable baby deaths and more than 50 newborns suffering avoidable brain damage in an English hospital, Reporting Scotland presented an extended report into an Elgin hospital. The report finds flaws only in procedures but NO cases of actual harm. Once more, Reporting Scotland misinform their viewers and now panic those about to give birth in Elgin.

In a long and unbalanced report, only negative soundbites are offered and disproportionate time is given to the views of non-professionals, to express, no doubt genuine but unsubstantiated, feelings of anxiety about the hospital. Only at the very end do we hear that there is no evidence of any adverse outcomes for patients. To leave this key piece of information to the very end and presented as an afterthought, is to seriously distort the information in the report. This can only harm staff and patient morale with potentially damaging consequences for safety.

At no point is reference made to the situation in Shrewsbury as context. To do so, would, of course, have made their assessment of the Elgin report as ‘damning’, frankly ridiculous.