Let’s not forget that Tories are the real sex pests and predators


As BBC Scotland headline the stupidity of a 42 year-old man, let’s remember how their Tory chums have long been a toxic presence.

Ironically, on 1 May 2018, the Sun gave us this short list from their Tory Dossier:

  • Michael Fallon resigned as Defence Secretary after admitting that he got “handsy” when he inappropriately touched the knee of journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer. Married father-of-two Mr Fallon admitted to The Sun he had touched Julia — but insisted he apologised over the incident 15 years ago and that both considered the matter closed. Julia said she did not feel like she was a victim of a sexual assault, and found the incident nothing more than “mildly amusing”.
  • Former Brexit minister Mark Garnier admitted calling his secretary “sugar t*ts” and taking her to buy him sex toys in Soho. Caroline Edmonson said Mr Garnier stood outside the shop and sent her in to buy sex aides for his wife and a member of his constituency staff. He did not deny the claims but told the Mail On Sunday the incidents were taken out of context. He was reported to the Cabinet Office and was later force out of the Cabinet in a reshuffle.
  • Former Cabinet Minister Stephen Crabb sent sexually explicit messages to a 19-year-old woman who applied to work in his Commons office. The 44-year-old husband and devout Christian admitted saying some “pretty outrageous things” after the interview. Mr Crabb had previously been caught sending messages to a woman around half his age describing a sex act he would like to perform on her.
  • Ex-Deputy PM Damian Green was accused of inappropriate behaviour towards a woman 30 years his junior. Kate Maltby, a Tory activist and academic, said he had made a pass on her in a bar – and flirted with her over texts. He denied the allegations, saying: “It is absolutely and completely untrue that I’ve ever made any sexual advances on Ms Maltby.” He also denied having signed up to extra-marital affair website Ashley Madison.  The 61-year-old was also rocked by a fresh scandal after it was police found pornography on his work computer when they raided his Parliamentary office. He was later sacked as May’s right-hand man.


A different kind of Dodgy Dossier or Dossier of the Dodgy?

Where are they now? Happily, back in fold of course.


More serious but ignored by the MSM, at the same time as an SNP MSP was exiled, over a humorous and at best, naive, tweet, we read in the Canary, on 21st June 2018:

‘On 18 June, two Conservative politicians were convicted of child sexual abuse. The jury at Swansea Crown Court found former mayor for Pembroke David Boswell guilty of raping a girl under the age of 10. On the same day, former mayor of Godalming Simon Thornton pleaded guilty to more than 20 child sex offenses.’


Finally, how does the Conservative Party in Scotland treat complainants? Well, behind doors, of course. See this in the Times on 2nd October 2018:

‘Ruth Davidson said the way her party deals with sexual harassment claims could change after recent criticism. Miles Briggs, the Lothian MSP, was cleared of sexual harassment at a hearing of the party’s disciplinary committee last week. Rape Crisis criticised the way the complaint was handled and called on the Scottish Conservatives to “urgently change their approach to investigating sexual harassment complaints”. At the time Ms Davidson, the party leader in Scotland, tweeted that she had “confidence in the robustness of the disciplinary process” but has now said that it may look at changing the way such allegations are handled. She told BBC radio’s Good Morning Scotland: “Complaints of sexual harassment are dealt within the same framework of other disciplinary procedures like bullying. It might be we have to separate that.”’


10 thoughts on “Let’s not forget that Tories are the real sex pests and predators

  1. Whatever feelings we may have on these matters, perhaps headline writers and reporters should remember that in Scotland the age of consent is sixteen.

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  2. I have a dim view of Tories and associate them with child abuse, either actively involved or enabling. There was a young activist down south, fairly recently reported that there was a ‘culture’ of ,,, well, in general the whole party seems very unpleasant, we hear some of the mad things they say about ‘other people’ in both parliaments, they think it normal, and you know they are on a different planet.

    On Derek Mackay, the TIMING of this reporting – maximum impact. This information will have been known, for how long? I haven’t been told yet, maybe someone else knows? Not morally upstanding behaviour, of course, but also not a great amount of harm caused (as far as I am aware, but I assume the news services will tell me the worst there is when it comes to the SNP)

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  3. Top story and repeated constantly on GMS , they were getting very excited before his resignation was announced, when it was announced I’m sure I heard someone in the background say “YES!” , says all we need to know about BBC Scotland bias , but what an idiot Derick is, good career over .

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    1. It IS nice when they are all jolly and happy over such minor things – you can hear the delight in their voices so much easier on the radio, that gleeful happy relish they have. Very uplifting. What I can’t understand, is why they don’t get all happy and excited when its its a Tory or Labour or LibDem politician they are reporting the scandal on, they always seem to be somewhat more subdued and a bit sad,,, could it be that,,, no, no, it couldn’t be, surely,,,


  4. And, you know what, what still really bothers me, always niggling at the back of my mind, is that suppressed investigation into a paedophile ring in Westminster – an investigation like that isn’t started or suggested on the back of no evidence – all of which was conveniently lost under Theresa May’s watch in the home office – and the investigation suppressed by her as PM. And nothing is done about it, it’s barely ever mentioned, everyone pretending all is well and business as usual. Westminster is a disgusting cesspit of human effluent, the dregs of prurient rot, a stinking morass of septic pus, as far as I’m concerned. Anyone accepting perverted and sick behaviour of abusing vulnerable people is enabling it and is part of the stinking rot. Until this investigation is carried out I can’t believe any Tory politician is even half-way human, they are all complicit.

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