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Reported incidents of antisemitism in 2019

According to the latest report from the Community Security Trust:

CST recorded 1,805 antisemitic incidents in the UK in 2019, the highest total that CST has ever recorded in a single calendar year. This is seven per cent higher than the 1,690 antisemitic incidents reported to CST in 2018, making 2019 the fourth consecutive year in which the annual record has been broken.

Perhaps most worrying, there were 157 incidents of assault, up 27%, but none of these was reported as having been in Scotland. The 28 reports of antisemitism in Scotland are up from 21 in 2018 but none of these are described in the report so we cannot tell what form they took. Without wishing to be accused of antisemitism myself, is it possible that these were online comments regarding Israel’s treatment of Palestinians or on the role allegedly played by the Israeli embassy in the media treatment of Jeremy Corbyn?


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While it is important to remember that the Jewish community is small and not particularly visible in Scotland, the 28 cases here represents 1.5% of the UK total in a part with around 8% of the population. The contrast with Northumbria is interesting, where a smaller population with, to my knowledge, no major Jewish community comparable with that in Glasgow, had twice the rate.