Oh no you don’t! We’re not paying for that bloody thing!

Ludo Thierry:

The National joins the FoAI in debunking the britnat ‘..burying bad news by publishing the regular economic data bulletins’ guff. Link and snippets below: (carried in The National’s Factcheck series – these factcheck articles can be freely accessed – not behind any paywall – worth a look at the full (short) piece):



“Scotland’s national deficit is now 7.2% and rising” – LibDem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton, Twitter, February 2 2020


Scotland pays its way. The latest GDP accounts show Scotland is as rich per head as Japan or France. The Scottish economy grew faster than the UK in 2018, the last full year we have data for.

The latest GDP quarterly accounts did include significant data revisions. However, the overall result was that for 2018 – the latest full calendar year for which numbers are available – Scotland’s onshore GDP growth was 1.5%. The equivalent UK growth was smaller, at 1.3%.

The substance of the budget deficit debate lies in Scotland’s ability to fund a high level of public expenditure post-independence. The January GDP national accounts provide hard evidence in this regard. For 2018 – and after the ONS revisions – the annual value of Scotland’s GDP in current prices is £32,300 per person, or circa $42,313. That is only slightly below Japan ($44,227) or France ($45,775) and better than Spain ($40,139) or New Zealand ($40,135) – IMF data for 2018. Scotland is a rich industrial nation that can afford welfare services on a par with these other nations.