Talking-Up Scotland (I & II) bursts 100 000 visitors target!

Talking-up Scotland II gets nearly 100 000 views and the ‘Editor’ is frankly disappointed. He’d being watching, in quite an immature manner really, on the 31st January, desperate for the 100 000 barrier to be broken only for readers to clearly have something better to do with their Friday nights.

However, after a wee grump, he had the kind of ‘inspiration’ he’s known for and said: ‘Wait a feckin minute! What about that old Talking-up Scotland 1 (Thought Control Scotland)? We’re still linking stories to earlier reports and the still quite warm evidence there. Ta rah!

Another 4 222 views and that takes the overall January 2020 figure, for submission to the ‘Board’ up to 102 794. Now content, the ‘Editor’ remembers to try to be a bit more human and reflect on the help he’s had. It’s not the Oscars, so he won’t name everyone. Several ‘readers’ have gone above and beyond something to write full reports, to make comments so big and interesting he’s re-posted them, to find evidence worth reporting, to post comments that have frankly offered more insight than his original post, or to offer encouragement. Ludo Thierry has been the most prolific of these by some way but all of you are in my heart. I have SO got one!

Finally, back to the overblown egotism that success often brings. Look at this fecking map of our global penetration and it’s in imperial pink!

Afterthought: How does TuS II compare with other pro-Indy blogs? I have no idea because suggests this!


18 thoughts on “Talking-Up Scotland (I & II) bursts 100 000 visitors target!

  1. John.

    I believe that TUS is a very valuable resource in both concept and content.

    I always access your articles through the Scoop-it portal – naturally enough since I was the one who urged you to republish your posts through it. I note that the banner head of your Scoop-it site stands at 260,800 views. I wonder what your thoughts are on this. Do you have any info on how much of your blog traffic comes through Scoop-it.

    My own view is that although viewing the Scoop-it site does not necessarily lead to a follow through to one of your blog articles, it is nevertheless useful in increasing exposure to your messages.

    I generally scan the article headlines on the Scoop-it site much as one scans newsstand headlines and home in to an article that interests me. But even when I don’t progress to one of your articles (through lack of time, for example) I find scanning the headlines a reinforcing and informative activity in itself, even though this will not show up in your TUS site traffic.

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    1. Yes, thanks again for your suggestion. I can’t really tell where the traffic comes from but I guess it’s a mix of blog-followers, Scoop-it, FB (1300 followers) Twitter (3 700 followers) and recently

      As you say, the overall exposure counts. We know from research that few fully read newspaper articles but that headlines influence.

      I insist you progress to my articles! Feed me!!! 🙂


  2. “How does TUS II compare”?

    ** You are of course, incomparable.
    Uniquely wondrous. Superb and talented, Our pole star blazing across the Heavens. Purveyor of Truthiness and Good News. Pricker of Bubbles. Guider of the Way. Scourge of the BEEB. A Hero for the Ages.
    If I had the power, you would be a comic book Hero, saviour of the Universe–a thousand boys would want to be you, a thousand girls would swoon at your feet and adore you (from afar).

    Nothing compares….. nuh-thing compares…. to you-hoo-hoo!

    ** While this must be listed under “Poetic Licence”, at least a portion is true, some is almost true and the rest is normal Scottish pub banter and B.S.

    Please keep it up, John.

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      1. And Gawd said–“Let there be light”—and WHOOSH—
        Our world of darkness illuminated by the Light of the Universe, TUS II.

        That do? Anything more would be sycophancy, and I may be many things, but I am NOT a suck-up Scorrish Tory.

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    1. While I have my own concerns about the leadership, I’m holding back. And regarding trans, I understand little. But, the Rev is not finished I feel sure once the real opposition pisses him of a bit more.


      1. John, sorry for the late reply.

        The Leadership announced a Constitutional Convention composed of Scotland’s Elected Politicians, as Craig Murray has called for. This could be Scotland’s stepping stone to independence. Don’t believe the “There’s NO Plan B nay sayers”.

        Re Trans. I bet you understand more than “Little”, however wisely keeping away from it.

        Then there’s The Rev. Who are you referring to as the ” Real Opposition”, currently the Rev. Appears to point that finger at the current SNP Leadership.


  3. I heard on the North British Radio “Scotland” this morning—“Britain exits the EU with parties across the UK”–then interviews with people somewhere in England (why England, if these parties were everywhere?) saying why they supported Brexit.

    Then I noticed in the Borisgraph (once the Torygraf, never an actual newspaper) the EXACT same phrase “Britain exits EU with parties across the country”

    Nothing to beat repeating “His Masters Voice”, in the BBC Anglo-sphere!

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  4. John, RE “Trawling” Thanks but I don’t think I am qualified to write an article maybe someone like Contrary,or Ludo could take up the mantle.I will be keeping my eye on what Gove has to say on his 200 mile rule of the sea.
    Thank you

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  5. Very well done. You have identified a particular niche – media bias – and have been admirably relentless on this. While Bella and Commonweal focus on the conceptual and cultural issues and Scot Goes Pop focuses on polling, it is essential to deconstruct the torrent of distorted information, selected information and plain lies vomit from the majority of our media, print and broadcast, because these can influence people’s perceptions of the arguments other ‘policy’ sites are putting over.

    You did this well in 2014 and evoked bullying and intimidation towards you from the BBC and have continued to do it since then. I think you have had an effect, because in many ways the BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs output is somewhat more nuanced and circumspect compared to what it was prior to the 2014 referendum. It is still pretty biased and still often leads with Tory press releases and there are still the frequent interruptions of SG ministers, contrasting with grovelling apologies to Mr Jackson Carlaw if they carelessly interrupt him . Hayley Miller still finds it impossible to keep the hatred out of her voice as she harangues Independence supporters. It has moved from bring the media arm of Scottish Labour to being a Conservative Central Office conduit. Labour politicians are now rarely even mentioned, or interviewed.

    It still has its war on NHS Scotland, Railways, Police Scotland, Scottish Education, and will pursue these, but I think you have addressed these lies so rapidly and so informedly that many people can see that they are one-sided and biased reports. There are still many in Scotland who want to hear such stories because they bolster their own prejudices. The demographic is changing with a huge majority of Scots under 50 now strongly pro-independence, with the figures reversing for those over 50, although not as much as before. It is the prejudiced auld arseholes in my age bracket who swallow this pap by a margin of 3 to 1 and, sadly, probably those of us in the ‘1’ have lower life expectancy having been born and raised in the most economically deprived parts of Glasgow and other towns and cities.

    Keep it up.

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      1. Thanks for the solicitations! I always feel better when New Year is past and things begin to get back to normal and the mornings get lighter and the days a we bit longer.

        And, since you ask about gardens, we have almost completed the transformation of a section of the old Albion Motors plant in Scotstoun into a community garden! And, we have begun the next phase of the garden in grounds of Gartnavel Royal for the patients to get some occupational therapy and fresh fruit and veg. Lastly, the garden for the youngsters at Corpus Christi Primary School in Knightswood is producing crops with the help of a group of mothers from the localChinese community. There is a cliche involving the word ‘rosy’.

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