In 2014 No voters and Yes-voting women preferred more masculine faces but Yes-voting men didn’t

SCOTLAND’S UNIONISTS PREFER DOMINANT LEADERS, AND SO DO NATIONALISTS – BUT ONLY IF THEY ARE ECONOMIC PESSIMISTS by Kristen K. Knowles and Anthony C. Little in Scottish Affairs, last issue in 2019. I know, get a life!

Anyhow, it seems that in a Stirling University research experiment with 162 Scottish psychology students, men who voted Yes were less likely to favour more masculine faces, associated with strength while No voters, men and women, and women Yes voters strongly preferred more masculine faces.

The researchers suggest that the female Yes voters are more risk averse than men and so preferred a pro-Independence leader with a strong face.

There’s more, much more, to the report but, I’ve lost interest now other than to ask which SNP leader you think has the strongest most masculine face that might appeal to No voters?

Scottish Affairs 28.4 (2019): 434–458
DOI: 10.3366/scot.2019.0297

8 thoughts on “In 2014 No voters and Yes-voting women preferred more masculine faces but Yes-voting men didn’t

    1. Prior to the 2016 referendum and for a while after, any BBC Scotland reporting on fishing dealt solely with the views of the “Protestant Boys” of the Scottish Fisherman’s Federation. What they stated, usually with Colonel Ruth Davidson present, was unquestioningly broadcast as FACT.

      That other fishing groups – such as fish processors, creel fisherman, West Coast fishermen – had reservations about Brexit was never reported. However, recently, in the past year, these groups’ voices have been heard on BBC Scotland broadcasts.

      I suspect that the accusations of bias from this site and from many others, supported by pretty strong empirical evidence, has forced this change. I have heard fairly conservative friends, pretty strong unionists, stating, ‘Who can trust BBC reports?’

      The default is still to find the ‘Scotland baaaad’ story and to omit ‘Scotland no too bad’ stories, but reporting is more balanced with regard to the facts of the story, and interviews less hostile towards pro independence interviewees, although interruptions still occur and some cannot keep the baleful tone out of their voices. And, sometimes, Tories are actually questioned – not too forensically – on issues, with counterarguments being tentatively, but forelock-tuggingly advanced.

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  1. Just spotted in the Guardian – an article that reports from 3 leave voting areas – 1 in England, 1 in Wales and 1 in Northern Ireland. I guess Scotland doesn’t get any coverage because nowhere voted to Leave – says it all really, the London-blinkered approach to ignore or talk-down Scotland and its interests.

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  2. Well, after the big announcement of SFA today, and in sure knowledge that the SNP are dead in the water, as stagnant as a million year old pool of stagnant water (no, I will never reach the heady heights of Gavin’s prose) and as inspirational as a dead slug rotting in a cabbage, and in the more sure knowledge, as a woman voter, I don’t give a fig what a politician looks like as long as they actually know what they are doing,,,

    I am pleased to announce that the Forward as One solicitor had sent a letter (a legal one) to the uk government – we have an actual deadline! They must respond within 14days – either agree (that the Scottish Parliament has the right to hold a referendum) or be taken to court.

    Tweet with copy of letter:


  3. Actually John, I’ve changed my mind about being grumpy, can you source a whole set of pictures of faces of SNP politicians, and number them so I can vote – an STV vote please?

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  4. In todays Independent. The Netherlands Ministry of Finance has shared a poll asking–
    “If “England” no longer want to belong, I also no longer want to spend money on “English goods and holidays”.

    The Dutch are as UK-friendly as you can get. If this is how THEY feel, then the UK (England) are in big trouble.

    Time for a fast exit for Scotland, from the Boris separatist Anglo-wonderland.


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