Student debt THREE TIMES HIGHER in England than in Scotland

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Ross, Ross, what’s 3 times 13 800? Eh………..

Thanks to a parliamentary question by Jamie Greene (SCAUP) asking the Scottish Government what assessment it has undertaken regarding the reported rise in student debt, we are able to reveal:

Student Loans Company statistics show average student loan debt in Scotland is £13,800. This compares with £35,950 in England, £22,920 in Wales and £23,550 in Northern Ireland. Scottish students continue to have the lowest debt in the UK and since 2010, have had the smallest increase in debt when compared to students domiciled in the other UK administrations. Our continued commitment to free tuition has played a major part in this, ensuring that Scottish students studying in Scotland do not incur the additional expense of up to £27,000 over 3 years that other students in the rest of the UK have to.

Click to access WA20200130.pdf

2 thoughts on “Student debt THREE TIMES HIGHER in England than in Scotland

  1. The Elite who rule the UK, don’t give a monkeys about student debt, or that Scots are better off through the good graces of self government.
    A year at Etonian ( last years prices) costs £40,700 and Eton is where most Prime Ministers, top Mandarins, heads of industry etc come from.

    The old school tie…………………….

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