Uneducated English journalist who compared Owen Jones to Hitler joins Nasty Party in ridiculing SNP leader

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Tom Peck has watched Ian Blackford in action but seems not to have noticed the Tory benches braying at him with unconcealed contempt. He wrote:

‘In his two and a half years leading the SNP at Westminster, Blackford has arguably established a convention all of his own. When Ian Blackford speaks, MPs, journalists, members of the public, catering staff and, on occasion, large items of antique furniture all understand it as the appropriate moment to evacuate the chamber. Rumours still swirl that during an especially dreadful Ian Blackford contribution to Prime Minister’s Questions last year, a Liberal Democrat was tragically killed in the stampede. These are the ways that rituals become ritualised. It may very well be that, centuries from now, the Palace of Westminster formally employs a Blackford, as well as a Black Rod. Blackford’s sacred role will be to stand up in the House of Commons and, while wearing his traditional dress of three-piece suit, do no more than utter the words, “Mr Speaker, the people of Scotland have spoken!” and everyone will know it’s time to go home for the day.’ 


Were an MP to speak regularly on behalf of ethnic minorities, women, the disabled or gays, would Peck be so stupid as to think it’s fine to ridicule them? You might think not but Peck has compared Owen Jones to Adolf Hitler. On 29 October 2019, openly gay Jones had tweeted responding to the election of Jair Bolsonaro as Brazil’s president:

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Peck thought Hitler had said the same thing as Jones and that it was comedy gold. Jones quickly sorted him out:

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The Canary gave a fuller explanation:

‘President-elect Bolsonaro is openly homophobic, pro-torture, and racist; has advocated abolishing democracy; and may well destroy the Amazon rainforest. Meanwhile, parties offering the status quo of free-market economics are in abject decline. So Jones is saying we need to offer people actual solutions to their problems, or the far right will continue to take power.

Luxemburg was a polish Marxist, writer, and revolutionary who opposed authoritarian Leninism.’

The Independent likes to portray itself as liberal and tolerant but, when it comes to the self-determinism of the Scottish people, it too is subject to the same exceptionalism we see in English ‘comedians’ or in all-but-one of the candidates for leader of the Labour Party. Self-determination is good for the English and for the Palestinians, it was good for the Slovenians or the Kosovans and, these days, it is even recognised as having been good for the Irish, but the Scots? No, ridiculous narrow nationalists!

4 thoughts on “Uneducated English journalist who compared Owen Jones to Hitler joins Nasty Party in ridiculing SNP leader

  1. The British state can only exist so long as a Scottish state doesn’t.
    The British establishment and it’s press pack still regard themselves as a global power and are terrified at the loss of importance they will suffer when they become viewed as simply England.
    They will perform all sorts of mental gymnastics in order to justify ignoring Scotland’s democratic rights because their self importance is at stake.
    This is especially true post Brexit as the British state tries to carve out a new global role for itself.
    Dufficult without an army however,which is how Empire 1.0 came about.

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  2. Scotland is now in a similar situation as the Irish were a century ago—-with the London Elite using racist and derogatory rhetoric to demean those unfortunates who happen to be non-English, and thereby imply their own national “superiority” over us “up here”.
    They haven’t quite reached the level of portraying us as knuckle-dragging sub humans in cartoons, but we are still in the early days of decolonisation.

    As in Ireland, this will eventually turn ordinary Scots away from the Unions of unequals.

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